First Place ♡Mature

I muffled, "gah offf meh!!

He replied with a smile on his face, "what you say, bitch?"

I muffled, "fah yu fahget."

He put more pressure against my neck and I started to feel air leave my body. I started to lose energy and become faint.

He leaned against my ear and whispered, "your man is now my man. I wish he would have listened to you in the first place. I'm going to fuck his brains out tonight."

My eyes shot open with fear as he just confirmed all of my thoughts and intuition.

He continued, "you lost him. You lost him when he came over to my house. Doesn't he act different. Atlanta is in his bloodstream."

A single tear leaked from my eyes. He was right. I lost.

He finished, "thank you for building a great man, I'll take good care of your investment.

I closed my eyes as he leaned against my lips and kissed me. I tighten my mouth as I felt heavy pressure on my lips. He lifted off me, and slid his finger in my mouth.

He chuckled, "kiss of death. After I fuck Kel, you gonna let me hit this, right?"

Big Cal kicked his stomach, releasing his grip and I grasped for oxygen.

The damage was already done.

I turned over as I tried to catch my breath. I saw Kel still laying on the ground. I wanted to crawl over there, but I had no energy left. My tears started to create a small puddle against my face.

He sat up as Big Cal stood over me. I appreciated Big Cal for protecting me.

Kel sat up and the four of us were in pure silence. I stared at Kel as I sat myself up.

Kel stood up with cuts and bruises and walked over to me. Byron and Cal watched as they tried to catch their breaths. Big Cal took a few steps back as he sensed a serious moment.

Kel helped me sit up and said, "I truly love you, (heavy sigh) but I can't be with you. This is too hard. I'll move out."

My tears flowed heavily. I yelled hoarsely, "I love you though!! With all my heart!!"

Kel started to cry, "I know. But this isn't working anymore. Please don't be mad at me..."

"Don't leave me! Mikhael, its me? Diggy! Starbucks! Don't leave me alone. You can't turn your back on me, not here, not now? I need you!!!"

This was the first time I saw him cry.

He said, "don't be mad at me."

"Kel, don't leave me..."

He started walking away from me. Byron giggled and blew me a kiss.

"Mikhael, please don't do this! Please let me..."

"Demetreus, I love you, I really do. But we are over. Don't be mad at me."

"Don't leave me..." I couldn't stop my tears.

I hit a low. 

He kept walking, I saw him pick up his phone and leave the gates. 

Big Cal grabbed my hand, "let me help you get up. Are you okay?"

I took a deep breath and sharply exhaled, "I lost, Big Cal."

Big Cal nudged my chin, "you haven't lost. He truly loves you. But he is scared right now. He has a lot on his plate."

"How do you know that?"

"His face. I see me in him. You'll be fine."

I took a deep breathe, "I know I'll be, I am very worried about him."

"I know."

The End

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