Black Top BrawlMature

I slapped him across the lips and pushed him into the bleacher. I had enough of Byron. His right foot slid on the concrete and he braced for my punches. 

I kept swinging my arms until he grabbed me by waist  and threw me to the brick wall. He started to drive his fist into my chest. I tried my best to block every shot, but I felt every blow.

Kel ran over and tried to pull Byron off of me, "get the fuck off of him."

Big Cal ran up behind Kel and uppercutted him. Kel stumbled as they continued their fight. I drew my arm back and with all my might, I drove my fist into Byron's nose. He quickly covered his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. I charged and put all my weight into a spear.

We hit the ground and I started to hit him again. I felt all of my built up frustration leave with every blow to his face. I was so hurt by Kel that I took it out on Byron. I was upset that I was fighting right now. I am hurt by Kel.

I looked up and saw Big Cal winning the fight over Kel. I yelled, "please Big Cal, I love him. Please STOP!!"

I watched Big Cal stop and get up. I looked at Kel laying there and then I felt a sharp pain in my side. I groaned with pain. Byron punched me again with all his might in my rib. 

He turned me over and laid me against the dark black top. He wrapped his hands around my neck and started to squeeze. I instantly put my left hand in between my neck and his hands.

"Fuck you!" He screamed as his nose dripped with blood. I busted his nose. His blood dripped on me as I started to gasp for air.

The End

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