Speak VolumesMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy". 

Seconds Before:

I laughed, "haha, honestly! I have only known you for about a week and a half, Big Cal, and you are much different from your reputation."

He smiled, "how so?"

"RIGHT THERE.." I pointed at his face. "That smile alone speaks volumes. You cover it when you smile, why?"

"I don't like my smile. It makes me weak and it's not the brightest."

I chuckled as I leaned into him, "Big Cal, your smile is beautiful."

I put his hand down from covering his face.

I continued, "don't be shy. My smile isn't the brightest either, it doesn't stop me.  It doesn't make you weak, it makes you happy."

"Thank you Demetreus."

"No problem Big Cal."

I smiled as he gave me a hug. I felt good with connecting with him on a personal level. It warmed my heart.

He whispered in my ear, "no one has ever taken the time out to make me feel good. You make me feel warm."

I smiled as he put his lips on mine. His lips were so fluffy and stuffed. I felt the bristles of his beard against my baby soft skin. He wrapped his arms around my waist and laid it perfectly in the crease of my back. I felt his tongue maturely massage mine. 

I could get lost in him. He was so gentle, and then I realized he was kissing me. I was not that angry at Mikhael to cheat on him. I heard a faint yell in the background as I commanded my eyes to open and my mouth to shut.

I thrust both my hands against his chest as I pushed him off of me.

"No Cal... I have a boyfriend." 

"Yo bull, my fault, I got caught up in the moment."

I looked up for a brief second and I saw Big Cal suddenly hit the ground. I focused in on the man with dark sweatpants suddenly hitting Cal.

"Yo, yo! STOP!" I yelled as Cal blocked his face. 

I grabbed the guy around his waist and he elbowed me in the face. He turned and yelled at me, "Diggy, MOVE!!"

When I realized it was Kel, I yelled, "get off of him, please..."

I looked at Byron as Cal and Kel wrestled on the blacktops. I grabbed Kel again around his waist and used my strength to lift him off of Cal.

Byron grabbed my arm, "let him fight..."

Kel pushed off of me, "I can't believe you!!! You really cheated on me!!!"

I pushed my emotions back as he continued to pace around me. I was stunned that he thought that this was intentional. Why was he here? Was he following? Does he not trust me?

Big Cal responded as he wiped the blood from his lip, "damn boss. My fault for kissing your dude, but you ain't about it. You ain't treating this nigga with love, out here with these trades and down low dudes."

Byron yelled, "shut the fuck up. Clearly when Kel slammed your head into the black top it's effecting your judgment right now."

Big Cal laughed, "haha, you have always been a bitch ass. Shut the fuck up before I make you choke on these nuts again."

I tried to calm Kel down as he continued to pace around me.


"KEL, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME... I didn't know he liked me, and I would never intentionally cheat on you. Please hear me."

He was breathing heavily as Byron walked up next to me. Big Cal started stretching.

"You ready to go, Kel." Byron said.

I snapped back, "if he is going anywhere, he is coming back with me."

Byron got in my face, "bitch, was I talking to you?"

I had it, and I slapped him across his lips.

The End

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