Sweet Peach or Cheese SteakMature

Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel".


Diggy closed the door and I instantly felt a deep layer of compunction. He was disturbed by my abnormal behavior. I was frustrated with my poor performance but in that moment it felt good to yell at him. 

I have never yelled at him like that before, nor have I ever dismissed him. I am only punishing him for my mistakes. I am disciplining him because I cheated.

Mascara by Jazmine Sullivan played as I got out of bed.

I need to go apology to him and come clean. If I haven't  destroy our relationship because of cheating, I'll destroy it with all this ruthless aggression and lies.

I slid on my Jordans and jogging clothes. I wiped my face and grabbed the house keys and left.

My phone was only on 30% battery life but I needed to talk to him. If I know him, he'll probably walk towards a lit area, like the basketball courts. Letoya Luckett's Ready played on my phone as I called Rachel.

"Hey Kel."

"Hey Rach, I have a secret, you have to promise that you won't..."

"Pinky Pink Promise."

"I cheated."

"What!? Wait... I thought you were going tell me what you told Malik!"

"Nope and I feel like shit."

"Wow, I cannot believe this! You tell him yet?"

"No, instead I punished him. I feel so bad, I'm trying to find him so I can make it up to him."

"Damn Kel. How did you cheat?"

"It was another thick dude. He wore me down, I guess."

I talked to Rachel for another ten minutes and she made me feel horrible. She made me realize that I was really fucking up a good thing. 


I got off the phone with her and crossed the street where Byron came out of an random apartment.

"Yo kid."

We walked up to each other and dabbed one another.

"Yo bruh, my party was lit!!"

I smiled, "yes it was. Too much fun me."

"Haha that's because you got your balls wet! I heard you smash Dewayne. That was some nice ass, right."

I got caught up in the moment, "yes that ass was bomb. It was dope."

"How did he get you? Cause I heard about it today?"

"Man, all the liquor I had and smoking on top of it, I just got lost. But I cheated on my baby."

"Eh, you're baby is not all of that. It was good you tasted a Georgia Peach. I prefer a sweet peach over a greasy cheesesteak anyday. You liked it didn't you?"

"Nah, my baby Diggy knows me much better but it was nice to feel something different. It was much different."

"Well, I'm glad you had fun."

We started walking towards the basketball courts. We crossed the street and enter the steel gates. 


I turned to him, "did I only fuck with Dewayne that night?"

He licked his lips, "whatchu mean?"

I had to get blunt with him, "did we..."

At that moment, I felt my anger as I interrupted myself to watch Big Cal kiss Demetreus. My anger went zero to one hundred as I watched him immediately push him off. Byron looked at me as I dropped my phone and took off running towards him. I saw Demetreus push him and everything from there went black.

The End

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