Stomping GroundsMature

I slid on jeans and changed my shirt. I went into the bathroom and ran my brush underneath the cold water. I brushed my hair and slid my wallet in my pocket. I put on my classic white Reebok and went into the bedroom.

"Kel..." I said out loud as Jill Scott's long walk played. I finished, "Hey, I'm going to take a walk."

I walk towards the door and he sat up, "where you going?"

He startled me, "o-o-o-oh, hey. I just need to clear my mind."


I looked down, "because I have a lot on my mind."

"I bet you do..." He responded in a sarcastic way.

I looked at him with sadness and astonishment. How could he think like that and treat me as if I'm not loyal to him?

"Are you finish?" I mentioned after looking at him for a few minutes.

"Whatever Demetreus."

I rolled my eyes as I closed the door. The thought of his rudeness made me so angry. I stood at the base of the door and stomped my foot. "He makes me so upset."

I felt my eyes become warm as I became emotional. I leaned my head back trying to prevent the tears from dropping.

I slammed the door open, and lost my cool, "You're such a asshole!"

He popped his head out of the sheets, "YOU don't get to switch this! YOU don't  get to be mad at me. YOU fucked up!"

"It's all in your head! I don't even know why you are arguing with me?"

"Because you will always be a hoe!"

"A hoe?" My mouth dropped. I started to cry and my sadness became anger.

"Fuck you! You're only upset cause I can bag bitches! I have NEVER, EVER been a HO but I have ALWAYS been faithful to you. Not YOU though, you flirt with every fucking dude on this block. You're the ho, and a dirty one at that."

Kel sat up as I yelled from the door frame. 

Kel yelled, "what dudes am I fucking with?"

"Dewayne and Byron! Dewayne did NOT know you had a boyfriend. You want to play fucking games with me, Mikhael, just know you are new to the gay life. This is not your stomping grounds."

Kel chuckled, "You're not allowed to be mad at me. I always support you and let you ramble on. I am allowed to be angry with you. And I AM. So go take your little walk, get out of my face and stop with the hoe tendencies."

He dismissed me and hovered underneath the covers.  I was very upset that I gently closed the door. I have never in the multiple years of knowing him, seen him like that. I was really upset. 

I walked down the steps, wiped my face and met Big Cal at the door. 

The End

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