Who You Fooling?Mature


I laid in bed on the phone with Malik, one of my best friends. I listened for hours about his problems with his boyfriend and all the goofiness of his life. Usher's Trading Places played.

I contemplated telling him that I cheated on Diggy. I have to strategize my reaction to this sensitive matter. I have to remain emotionless or I'll crack like earlier today.

"Kel, so what do you think?"

I wasn't listening to that last part but I tried to recover.

"Yeah, I agree."

"I just don't know what to do, I just have to get another job. But enough about me, how are you and Diggy?"

Do I lie? Do I tell the truth? 

"Um, we are good. The gays down here are ruthless."

So, I lied.

"Yes, Atlanta is no joke! They will bend you over and fuck you if you let them."

"Haha, they ain't fucking me."

"Are you getting play down there?"

"Yeah, actually. It is becoming a strain on me and Diggy's relationship."

"This is a big test. I think Diggy is stupid for bringing you guys down there. Did he not know them gays were going to attack y'all?"

"Don't call my baby stupid! He was looking at the bigger picture, me being happy."

"Well... are you?"

"I love him."

"What?" Malik dropped the phone.

"Hello..." I smiled. 

"My best friend loves someone?"

"Yeah, I do. He has taught me a lot."

"Wow, I'm in shock."

"The boys out here are eating him up. I just don't know how to stop it. They throw themselves at us. Do you think we'll crack?"

"Yes! You'll crack. You love ass."

I started choking, "what do you mean? I'll crack?"

"Kel, who you fooling? Before Diggy, you were smashing bitches left and right. You just became "faithful" when Diggy gave you the "business." Ha! Me and you are the same, bro. We can pull gay bitches all day every day."

I laughed and went into the bathroom. I used the bathroom and went into the hallway as he finished. I saw Diggy walk into the house and start talking to Keke. I tiptoed into the bedroom and gently close the door. 

"Yo Malik, let me call you back."

I hung up and got into bed. Diggy walked in as Lloyd's I want you played. I cracked my eye open and admired his beauty.

He dropped his bag and removed his tie. He went into the bathroom and I felt remorse. How could I destroy our relationship like that? I don't think I could ever tell him, that I had sex with someone else. I don't feel comfortable kissing him either until I get the clearance from the sexual transmitted infections tests. 

He took a shower as I laid in bed wide away. He came out 15 minutes and I pretend to be asleep.

He look at me and whispered, "I hope you're still not mad at me. I thought about you the whole day and it upsets me that you think I'm not serious about you. I am so smitten  with you."

I watched him through the reflection.  It broke my heart to see him like that.

He turned on the Golden Girls and sat at the end of the bed.

The End

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