Take It After 22.Mature

Viewpoint from Kel.


I got home and went into my bedroom. I couldn't believe I went off at Diggy for my mistake. He cannot find out that I cheated on him even if that means me being mean to him. 

My emotions were all over the place as I couldn't get a grip of what was going on.

I cheated on him and now all I can do is think of how he'll get me back. The pain I'll feel if he touches another man. This double standard alone is killing me, but I can't help how I feel.

I have to take my mind off of this.

I turned on my playlist and Neyo's Mirror played. I turned it up loud.

I took off my clothes and wrapped my hands around my manhood. I started to move up and down while my eyes were shut. I felt my body warm up as the touch became sensitive.

The stiffness grew in my hands and became rock hard. I looked down to see the head leaning against my belly button. I turned on a video and continue to watch. I let out a few moans and my anxieties stopped. I was enjoying myself. 

I suddenly stopped after 22 minutes as I heard another set of moans. Coming from the balcony, it empowered me to keep going. I started to whisper Diggy's name and I felt my body jerk with anticipation.

I stood up and leaned against the balcony. I peeped through the curtains, to see that Big Cal person fucking one of Byron's straight friends from the stoop.

"Wow... he is gay." I whispered.

He was taking all of his manhood and his moaning was turning me on.

I started to move faster and harder. My eyes started to roll into the back of my head and I started to remember Dewayne and how he made me feel. My adrenaline was rushing. My thoughts were returning to me. I remember kissing Byron... wait did I kiss Byron... the man on the balcony leaned against the railing and Big Cal covered his mouth.

He shoved himself into him and I could hear the threads of his ass stretching. I looked through the curtains and the guy was taking it all.

"Take this dick." Big Cal whispered in his ear.

I had a flashback to Dewayne as I inserted in him. He was looser than Diggy but he felt so good. I remember him placing fist in his arch but it wasn't as deep as Diggy's. I remember busting in his mouth and then I looked up.

Big Cal busted in his ass and the guy dropped to his knees. I lost control and bust into the trash can. My white seeds soaked the trash can and I sat naked in the rocking chair.

My body felt amazing as I try to separate fantasy from reality.


The End

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