Role SwitchMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy".

I excused myself from Ray as I watched my boyfriend leave the restaurant. I am confused of why Kel is in downtown Atlanta and why it seemed like I just failed a test. 

I opened the door to see Kel walking away from me.

"Yo Kel, wait up."

Kel turned to me as I ran up to him.

He uttered, "you fucking him?"


He yelled, "are you cheating on me with that dirty dreaded dick in there?!"

I dropped my mouth as he was drawing attention to us.

"Why would you say something like that? That is my boss! And your answer..."

He interrupted me, "your boss? For that fake ass internship... really Demetreus."

"Fake? Excuse me?! What the fuck is your problem?"

He balled up his fist, "my fucking problem is that my boyfriend is a hoe. You've been flirting with him the whole night cause I've been watching you. You've ignored every single one of my texts and you let him touch you in the arch of your back."

I scoffed, "WOW!!"

He smirked, "yes wow does described it."

"I don't know what you're going through but your jealous side is ugly and not attractive."

Kel squinted his eyes, "go enjoy, finish your date while your boyfriend struggles with being sick and alcohol poisoning. I just can't..."

He turned away and walked away from me. I could have stopped him but I just let him get further and further away. I took a sharp inhale and went back into the restaurant. Jasmine Sullivan's 10 Seconds played as Ray made another joke with the bartender, Justin. 

He turned to me, "what's wrong?"

I looked at him and smiled, "everything is good. So what's next on the agenda."

"Well I was going to take you home so your boyfriend won't get upset. Us Alpha men can get jealous haha."

I forced a laugh, "yeah."

Ray looked at me puzzled as we walked out of the restaurant, "are you sure you're okay? Your energy level is much different."

I looked back at the bar, trying to change the subject, "you paid the bill? That was the whole point of us going out."

"Well I guess I did. Well that means you have to take me out now."

I chuckled.

He finished as he opened his car door for me, "Do you want to go home or can we finish this evening?"

"I really should be headed home but my boyfriend is tripping."

"How so?"

"He is being emotional."

"Really?" Ray questioned as Deeper Longer played by Joe on his car stereo.  

"I am the emotional one... it's just weird."

"Well you'll have plenty time to talk with him, since you extended your time here. Congrats by the way."

"Yeah, I extended his time too." I turned to watch the cars drive n

ext to us and finished, "I just don't know."

Ray put his hand on my hand, "it'll be okay. Everything will work out for the better."

I looked down and text Kel: (5:44pm) how are you getting home?

Kel responded: (5:44pm) you expect me to answer you after you've ignored me for the past half and hour. Goodnight.

I didn't understand why he was making me feel like this, but I turned to Ray, "can I not go home?"

"Perfect, I have spot I would love to take you too."

"Ok, let's go."

The End

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