Burnt BiscuitsMature

Giovanni was the name of my server as he placed down my sandwich. 

"Can you I get you anything else?"

I watched Diggy ignore all my texts messages and entertain the captain with his jokes. It burned my biscuits to see him enjoying himself without me. My thoughts clouded my judgments and took over my insecurities. I could get this server's number and get back to how I used to be.

"Yeah, can I have you number?"

His eyes lit up with excitement. I looked at Diggy laughing and it empowered me to get this number.

Giovanni licked his lips and asked, "are you a top or a bottom?"

I bit my lip, "top." I saw his body shutter with fear.

Giovanni smiled as he gave me his number, "I get done in a hour, if you wanted to chill tonight?"

I bit into a pickle, "I'll  call you."

He walked away as I felt remorse slide through my blood veins. I didn't understand what was going on in my emotions and my body that I was being pulled.

I cheated on Diggy and all I can concentrate on is him. Have I lost my touch?

I look down to respond to Malik when Diggy finally response back: Diggy (5:33pm) Sorry Kel, I am out eating with a coworker. Wassup?

I wanted his attention so I responded, (5:33pm) I know I've been watching you enterain this guy for a little over an half hour now.

Giovanni walked over and gave me the bill. I paid my six dollars bill and tipped him a twenty. I stood up and I finally met eyes with Diggy. He looked so confused. 

I balled up my fist and walked towards the door. I saw Diggy excuse himself. 

The End

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