El CaptainMature


I left the AID Atlanta feeling content. I never thought I would have to experience any of that. I turned on Aaliyah's more than a woman as I walked down Peachtree St.

As I crossed the street into downtown Atlanta, the crowds of people were so fascinating. I decided to get some food. The people in this area were beautiful and image conscious.

I walked into this bar and grill and threw up in my mouth from the sight of alcohol and cigarettes. I texted my best friends, Rachel and Malik to check in with them.

The host sat me near the window and passed me a menu. The server walked up to me and he was gorgeous. He was 6'3, light skinned black men with thin lips and green eyes.

"Hey, welcome to our cafe, our specials are signature Italian Wedding and Chef's club delight, what would you like to have to drink?"

"I'll  start with a ... a..."

I looked outside to see Diggy laughing with this dreaded hair guy. I felt angry.

The server asked again, "sir, what would you like to drink?"

I couldn't take my eyes off of Diggy. The guy put his hand against Diggy's back as they crossed the street. They were playing to much as I watch Diggy push him and run across the street.

I turned to the server, "just a water, no lemon. And a BLT sandwich."

I turned against the window as I balled up my fist. I watched Diggy and this dude walk into the restaurant that I was in. Is Demetreus really cheating on me?

The host tried to seat them but the guy with the black and gold tie grabbed Demetreus by the hand and lead him over to the bar. He opened the chair for Diggy to sit first and they sat down.

My phone rumbled and I looked down to see a text from Malik. I ignored it as Sevyn Streeter's Come over played over the stereo system.

I texted Diggy: (4:51pm) "hey babe, are you busy?" 

The server walked up to me again, "here is your water."

I took the water and smiled.

"Are you watching the couple over there?"

"Excuse me?"

"You're right, I'm sorry I was being helpful."

"What do you know about that couple?"

"Well, I don't know anything about the thick guy but who he is with is the Captain."


"Yeah, that is Captain Ray. He is a good guy in these parts. He is a socialite."

"Really? Is he a millionaire or something?"

"He works for the Red Institute and is a good damn catch."

He smiled and walked away. I looked down and waited for Rachel to text back.

Diggy responded: (4:57) How are you feeling?

I stared at him and then looked at the text. He didn't answer my question. 

I continued to watch.

The End

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