Always Be My Baby ♡Mature

June 11th:

11:06am. Musiq Soulchild's Love played on the radio.

I suddenly woke up and could feel my body in a thick layer of sweat. I felt the tempature of my skin and immediately wiped my face. I laid back in bed as my pillow was covered in sweat. I let out a groan as I rubbed my temples. I looked at the balcony window.

"Damn, it's  beautiful outside." 

I closed my eyes again and I started to remember everything that I did last night. 

"Mutha Goose..." I chuckled to myself.

I sat up again and then it hit me...

"Fuck!" I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I checked my body for hickies. 

"Did I dream this or did this happen in real life?"

I ran back into the bedroom and grabbed my phone. My anxiety slammed through the roof as I tried to remember what happened.  I opened the bedroom door and crept downstairs. 

"Is anyone home?"

I checked the house and I didn't find anyone. I started to become beside myself as more memories started to come back to me. I felt my body tremble as I became fearful. 

I took a deep breath and stared into the mirror. I watched a tear fall from my face. I couldn't get a grip of both my thoughts and emotions. I looked on the dresser  and Diggy left me a note.

-Good Morning, Kel. It looks like you were also very drunk last night, so drink plenty of water and here are some pills to take. Before I went to work, I got your favorite remedy. Feel better. Your Diggy♡-

I looked up and became disgusted with myself. I smiled at his note and drank the water. I walked over to my phone and called my mom.


"Hey mom, its me."

"Mikhael? What's wrong?"

My mom and I are very close and she could tell right away. I started to cry as I couldn't believe what I had to tell her.

"I cheated on Demetreus last night."


I felt my knees get weak and I lost my balance.

"Kel? What happened? Why?" She repeated.

I looked down on the ground and I saw my tears make perfect circles against the wooden floors.

My mom was worried, "are you crying? You don't ever cry?"

"I fucked up, mom! Mom, I cheated on him. I lost control last night. This boy just felt good and he was saying the right things. And I wasn't." I started to cough.

My mom tried to calm me down, "Kel, listen to me."

"Mom, they were all throwing themselves at me last night. I kept telling them I wasn't looking for anyone, I had my king."

"Kel, please calm down."

"How can I?" I sat there in silence with my tears as I took deep breaths. 

"Mikhael, did you use protection?" My mom muttered.

Then I remember that I didn't and I lost my cool again. I dropped my phone and ran to the bathroom. I threw up. I felt my body limp with exhaustion as I crawled back to my phone, seven minutes later.

"Mom, you still there."

"Yes, baby."

"Ma, I fucked up. I didn't use protection."

"You have to get tested. Atlanta has one of the highest STI populations. Are you going to tell him?"

"Ma, I love that man. I am in love with him."

"I know you do. Do what you think is best."

"I love you, ma."

"Clean yourself up and take a run. You need to figure out how you are going to manage this situation."

"Thank you, ma."

The End

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