Brooklyn Train.Mature

Viewpoint Mikhael 'Kel':

I looked around and he was no where to be found. Mutha Goose looked up to me as I walked towards the exit.

"Hello sexy."

This always confused me, why dress as a woman? It always makes me anxious because I don't know to address Mutha Goose as a man or woman.


"Well, did you have fun with us? And when do I get a ride on the Brooklyn train?"

I chuckled, "I had fun." I bypassed everything else.

He or she started to talk but I ended the conversation and walked towards the exit. I opened the door and the cool breeze smashed against my skin. I felt the smoke that Byron blew out of his mouth against my neck. I'ma Put It On Her by Day 26 played through the speaker.

Byron smiled, "baby boy, you good?"

I watched him lick his lips and responded, "yeah, your party is lit. I'm lit."

"You should stay longer, I'll show you a good time."

"Naw, my baby needs me."

"Listen, you already said he was controlling. Let him be and go grab a beer."

"Naw Byron, I'm good."

I dabbed him and walked passed his boys. I felt my head starting to spin. I turned before I crossed the street. 

"Goodnight boys. Ball tomorrow?" I yelled from the sidewalk. Dewayne came out the house wth my fitted cap on. 

"Brooklyn, I was only playing when I said I was gonna steal your hat." 

"Thanks, Diggy." I rubbed my temples.

"No, it's Dewayne."

"Sorry, I don't feel to well." I felt myself gettin dizzier. 

Dewayne ran up to me and grabbed my arm. He supported me and helped me across the street. He rubbed my back as I saw Diggy walking up. I jumped but I couldn't read his facial expression. 

Diggy grabbed my hand and put a bottle of water in it. Dewayne took a step back as Diggy knew exactly what to do for me. As soon as he touched me again, I felt my heart through my chest.

"Do you need help into the house?"

Diggy kindly turned to him, "nope, I got this. Thank you for helping my boyfriend."

Dewayne looked at me and said, "oh, you have a boyfriend?" 

Then Diggy turned to me with confusion, "did you not have a boyfriend tonight?"

I quickly responded,  "pause, I told you I was in a serious relationship.  Do you remember? "

Dewayne quickly changed his mind, "oh you must be Diggy."

Diggy smirked and redirected the conversation,  "Dewayne? Thank you for taking care of him." 

Diggy pinched my underarm and I shot up. He opened the front door and I followed. The house was quiet and I was still very high. Diggy led me to our room.  I couldn't read him. I didn't understand why he was being so quiet.  He helped me undress and get into the shower. He let me rinse off all dirt from Byron's party and laid me in the bed. 

"Baby, are you mad at me?" I whispered to him as he came out of the shower. I finished, "I felt like we haven't spoken since we got home. Are you mad cause I'm high?"

I felt the warm air escape from the bathroom as I had his undivided attention. He walked up to me with a crimson long t shirt and crawled onto the bed where I was tucked in at. He gently kissed my lips. His eyes were the perfect shape of almond from this angle. He dipped his back, so that I could see the shape of his ass from slightly behind his head.

"I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation. You work very hard and if you want to smoke and enjoy yourself, I support you."

I kissed him back, "thank you, Demetreus."

The End

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