Proper Gay Sweep.Mature

Kel lead me through the hallway as I admired his body. He was very relaxed and eyes were extremely dilated.  He lifted the rug and grabbed a key. He unlocked Byron's door.

Kel stumbled over to the rocking chair, where his jeans were scrunched up. I had a bright idea to search for hidden homosexual innuendos in Byron's personal bedroom.

I quickly locked the door, and went right for his drawer. 

Kel smiled,  "baby, I'm fucking struggling..."

I didn't pay him any attention as I now found a metallic box in his bottom drawer. 

"Hmmm, a sex box? Not big enough to hold a dildo, but big enough for anal beads. Hmph."

Kel stumbled to the bed with his jeans around his ankles, "yo I really can't put... pur... pull my pants up. I'm stuttering."

I quickly hop into the bathroom, "hmmm, his sink is definitely wreaks of masculinity."

I opened the toilet,  "hmph, he's clean and he uses Clorox bleach. I looked back at Kel and chuckle to myself, "yo, you are a mess."

I opened his medicine drawer and then his shower curtain. "Caress, Emerald Rush... oh that's gay. Axe, ugh back to straight. Oooooh wait, Bingo! Sweet Pea,  Warm Vanilla Sugar and Pretty as a Peach. That's the damn Mix and Match Sale from Bath and Body Works! And I'm on the scent. "

I went back into his bedroom where Kel was struggling putting his shirt back on.

As I walked by, he grabbed me by my waist, "baby, what are you doing? There is a bed right here..."

"Hell no... that's Byron's bed... ewww."

Kel grabbed me tighter,  "bitch." He picked me up, lost his balance and we fell into the closet. 

"Damn.." He said as his head slammed against Byron's steeltoe boots.

I can hear the music from downstairs, Ciara's Go Girl played loud.  I rubbed my hips as I landed on hangers, and random pieces of clothing. I looked straight ahead and saw a Janet Jackson, Discipline Vinyl cover.

"He's a Janet Jackson fan, like me?" I moved the record and a black book with a royal purple lock slid out.

"Kel! You're a genius!" I cracked the book open, just slightly without putting stress on the lock. "This is his little black book." 

I looked up and Kel was tying his shoes,"baby, have you seen my hat?"

I stood up and dishuffled his clothes on the floor of the closet. I slid the black book into my butters. My mission was to find out if Byron was an undercover gay men. And with this book, my gay sweep is over.

"Didn't you give it to someone?" I whispered.

He looked confused as I opened Byron's bedroom door. He came behind me and lock it. We walked downstairs and I purposely lost him in the crowd. I ducked out the backdoor because I didn't want people to see Kel and me together. 

I watched Kel stumbled out the front door and run into Byron still smoking with his friends. I stood on the corner and patiencely watched.

The End

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