Out of the Blue.Mature

He said, "this isn't my hat. I took it from a really cute guy in here. I hope it didn't land in alcohol or whatever is sticking to the floor."

I passed him back the hat without flipping the hell out, cause I was moments from it. "It looks like it miss the big glob of liquor."

He smiled, "you look familiar..."

I changed the subject, "where is this kid?"

He smiled, "he is upstairs."


"My girls... but you really look familiar, my name is Dewayne, does that ring a bell?"

"I'm sorry it really doesn't. But please excuse me, this smoke is rough." I chuckled.

I tiptoed through the people on the steps and headed upstairs. Dewayne watched me run up the stairs. The air was extremely foggy and thick layers of smoke. I started coughing heavily. The weed and cigarettes were so strong that I almost felt myself becoming lightheaded .

I knocked on the bathroom door.


I was coughing hard as I knock on the door again.

Kel opened the door and said, "can you chill, give me a second."

We look at each other for a second and he grabbed me.

"Diggy!!!??" He yelled.

I started to cough harder and he sat me on the toilet.

"Baby, you okay?"
After a few seconds of coming too, his eyes were blood shot red. He was only in a tshirt and his ball shorts.

"Why are you dressed like that?" I said with an attitude.

"I got hot. My clothes are in Byron's bedroom." He stared at me, "baby, why you look mad. You mad at me?"

"Byron's bedroom, the fuck?!?"

"Oh no babe, it's not like that. His room is the only room that no one has been in."

I rolled my eyes hard as Kel scratch his thigh.

"Kel, I've been worried about you. Its like 12 in the morning and your phone is dead. It was just out of the blue."

He came up and palmed my face, "baby, I'm good. I'm high as fuck. Everything is good."

"Ok, well I'm leaving. I just wanted to make sure you were good."

"Naw, I'm coming with you."

"You don't have too, I'm just tired and I'm ready to go to sleep."

"Baby, don't leave me.

I was so confused. He has never said those words to me. I looked at him.

"Okay, baby, come on."

"These girls and boys were really on me. But Im really tired."

I grabbed his hand, "okay Kel. Go grab your clothes and I'll meet you across the street. I'll give you five minutes."

"Diggy, you're the best."

I leaned in to give him a kiss and he dodged me.
"My mouth is toooooooo fucking dry for your beautiful lips."

There was a knock at the door.

"Come on, let's go."

The End

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