Mutha Knowz.Mature

I took a deep breath as I took the blue raspberry jello shot. I felt the thick gelatin slid down my throat. 

"Baby?" She said as a term of endearment. "What's wrong? You look so sad?"

"I'll be fine. (Heavy sigh) Thank you and your name?"

"Everyone calls me Mutha Goose. I take care of my gay boys in our little neighborhood." 

Mutha Goose was an Asian American Drag queen that stood 5'6. She was a jolly and petite woman with a 42 DD chest.

"Nice to meet you, Mutha. I'm Deme."

She smiled as she looked around.

"Deme, is the Brooklyn kid your boyfriend?"

"Yes, he is." I said with disappointment. 

"Baby, if he loves you tempation won't cross his heart. The power of love will shine through and eliminate any lust that people may push on him."

I took out my wallet and passed her a five dollar bill.

 "I'll take another shot and the rest is for you, sweetheart." 

"Thank you Deme. That's sweet."

I took a mango jello shot and left the kitchen. I exited out of the back door where I walked into someone having sex. Her pants were pulled down to her ankles and he was thrusting behind her. I looked into her eyes as she plunged her nails into the railing. 

"Bitch, do you love this cock?" He whispered in her ear.

"Yess papo. I love your dick. Mas fuerter papito."

I quickly turned my head as I came outside only to relax my eyes from all the smoke. I kept replaying what Byron said, "I was right?!"

I walked out by his garden to see Aaron from the Red Institute bent over and having sex with a man. He looked up and met eyes with me. I quickly turned around and walked the other way. It made me feel sad, to see him like that, but this isn't my place to judge. I walked back into the kitchen and ran into the guy from the courts.

"Oh I'm sorry." He said as I knocked his fitted cap off him. 

I picked it up and looked under the brim.

"MXJ..." Those are Mikhael's initials. I took a deep breath.

The End

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