I Beg Your Pardon.Mature


I ran down the stairs to find Keke laughing with a gentleman guest. 

He smiled as he looked up and I interrupted them, "excuse me guys, sorry to interrupt."

Keke smiled, "are you looking for your boyfriend?"

I continued to rub my hands with the lotion and agreed.

She responded, "I saw him at Byron's party hours ago."

I said, "I'm going to see if he is over there."

Her guest smiled, "It's a messy situation over there. You might not like what you see."

I smiled, "Atlanta is ready to see Philly's temper. I'll bring the bleach."

We all laughed as I closed the front door. I walked across the street to see a bunch of smoke outside Byron's house.

Byron blew out a smoke ring as Blaque's I'm Good blared through the air.

"Wassup?" Byron smirked at me.

"Hey guys, have you seen Kel?" I cheerful responded.

"Yeah, that nigga is upstairs with some bitches." He looked at his boys. My anxiety shot through the roof, as I didn't like the way they were staring at me. I cannot show weakness even though I feel uneasy. 

"Bitches?" I sarcastically smirked.

His friend jumped in, "you look soft. This isn't your kinda party."

His other friend smirked, "their aren't any unicorns or disney princesses in there."

"I don't want any problems but I need to get to my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" They scoffed. 

I tried to be unbothered but they were getting annoying.  

"Yes boyfriend." I side eyed all three men and put my hands in my hoodie joint pocket.

They started to make smart comments as I rolled my eyes. I walked up the steps and Byron stood in my way. 

"You're not welcomed here.  Let him have fun,  you're controlling."

"I beg your pardon.  I'm not a guest and I'm not fucking you, so excuse me..." I pushed by him and he grabbed my hand.

He shoved me down against his face as I tried to push by him. 

He whispered, "you were right about it..."

I could feel his tongue against my ear and it made me squirm. I jerked my body, "boy, who pays you any attention."

"You're boyfriend does..." He said underneath his breath as I stormed into his house.

His friend yelled, "these faggots are out of control."

The house was very warm and sweaty; like I could see the wall sweating. There were red and dark lights with a person in every corner. People were playing pool, sexually dancing and kissing. It bothered my spirit as I continued to travel through the house. You could smell the lust in the air.

The heavy layer of smoke started to bother my eyes as I tried to find my boyfriend. I walked into the kitchen and ran into the gay group from the basketball courts. They were drinking around a blue cooler. 

Ciara's Run It played as the men were dancing on each other. 

"Hey cutie? You want a cup? We got jello shots for $1 and a cup for $3. What ya want?"

"Sorry, I was looking for someone. Have you seen a slender dude, light skin, New York accent."

"Oh Brooklyn, he is upstairs having fun."

I took a deep gulp, "what kinda fun?"

"Baby, you're not dumb, look around you? He is enjoying himself."

I couldn't control my face as I became upset.

"Baby? Listen, take this shot on me, you look like you're about to cry."

I smirked as I tried not to let my anxiety take over, and I politely whispered, "thank you."

The End

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