Str8 to Voicemail.Mature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy".


"Wow!" I said as I spun around in a circle. 

Ray smiled, "what?!" 

"That was ONLY first day of this internship and I learned soooooo much. I really had so much fun and I helped seven people today."

"It is a rewarding feeling though." Ray chuckled out loud.

I started walking towards the street with a blissful smile on my face. 

Ray opened his car door, "you want a ride? I know you're tired from working a double shift today."

I smiled, "honestly, that would be love. I'll even treat for food, if you're hungry."

Serani's Play no games played on his car stereo.  I sat there feeling accomplished as Ray started to drive. I looked over at him, and his skin was the perfect shade of brown. No blemishes,  no pimples,  just his smooth milk chocolate.


He tapped his fingers to the reggae rhythm as he rocked his head.  The flashing red and white lights really helped me zoomed in to his attractive characteristics. His bottom lip was juicy as he left his mouth slightly parted.


I softly moved my hips in a circle as he turned the corner. 

"You can dance?" Ray smiled.

"I can do a lil something something." I giggled.

"I would love to see that sometime." He became forward.

"You can, we should go out." I accepted the challenge. 

"Yeah, that would be so much fun."


Ray pulled up to our street and there were cars parked everywhere.

"Is there a party going on?" Ray questioned.

"It look like Byron is throwing a party and it's jumping."

Ray pulled up and let me out.

I smiled, "thank you. I haven't forgotten about owing you."

"No, its fine Dem."

I waved goodbye and watched him drive off. Byron watched me with a sinister expression. I sarcastically smiled and unlocked Keke's door. 


I text Kel and received no response.  Now, that I think about it,  I haven't spoken to him in a while.  I started to get worried.  I took a shower and could hear the commotion from Byron's party. I changed and looked down at the clock. I slid on dark black denim, a dark hoodie and my butters (my Timbalands.) I started to replay looking at Byron and my anxiety shot through the roof.

I called Kel again, and this time it went straight to voicemail. I lotioned my hands with Jergens, the original scent of course and headed downstairs.

The End

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