Thumbs Up.Mature

Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel".


That night, I just got off the phone with Diggy as I headed into Byron's house. I followed his friends as they sat down in his living room.

"Kel? You smoke?"

"I haven't in a while, but I'm down." Since I had my child, and Diggy doesn't smoke, I really cut down my smoking habits. I was a little nervous to try it again, but this is my vacation, and I want to enjoy it.

Everyone sat down as Lil Mo's Brand Nu played on his stereo. 

Byron smiled, as he brought out bottles of liquor, "let's have some fun."

His friend, Justin smiled, "where are the bitches?" Justin turned to me, "you good for us to have bitches around here?"

I smiled, "I used to fuck bitches, I'm good. Don't make me take them from you."

Some beautiful girls came in and started to drink with us. I was having a good time with the fellas and the girls. They turned on the boxing match and I really enjoyed the moment. 

2 hours later: 7:41pm

We started watching UFC as the door rang. Another set of chicks came in with a few men. This became a party with people everywhere. I stood up as I realized I am now high as shit. My mouth was so dry and my thoughts were scattered. This big booty chick walked up to me and started to grind on me. Her ass felt great against my crouch, I couldn't help not to slap it. I looked by the kitchen to see Byron was staring at me. 

I bit my lip and threw up the thumbs up. I was lit and really enjoying myself. I stumbled into the kitchen to see two girls kissing against the sink. 

"Wow!" I muttered.

Dewayne ran into me and I looked up, "yo, Starbucks."

Dewayne smiled as took another shot with his girls, "are you good Brooklyn?"

I smiled, "yeah, I ran into the right person. But my mouth is really dry."

He pulled out winter fresh gum, "this is about to be the best feeling besides me..."

I put it in mouth as I watched him stare at my lips and I felt a rush of a waterfall.

"This is amazing..."

Dewayne whispered, "it hasn't even started yet."

The End

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