Humble SmileMature

30 minutes later:

I sat in the office with Ray, Zuleima , Aaron and our supervisor, Pam.

Pam discussed her reaction to the argument that escalated to the lobby infront of associates and clients. She scolded Zuleima for not controlling the situation better, and not notifying another counselor when the situation escalated. She turned to Ray and I and explained proper protocol. She scolded me on the procedures of running after a client and the dangers of those type of events.

Pam continued, "If anyone should have taken control of the situation, it should've of been Zuleima or Ray, not our new intern, Demetreus. (She turned to me.) Even though you did a good job of defusing the problem, we only have you for less than two weeks, and that isn't apart of your internship. (She looked around.) We have to do better. We cannot allow people to control our atmosphere and damage our property. I don't have an extra $200 from the budget to replace the wall."

I raised my hand and Pam chuckled, "Demetreus, you aren't in class anymore. You don't have to raise your hand."

Everyone chuckled as I finished, "I will definitely stay in my place as an intern but I already confronted the client about the hole in the wall. (I stood up and gave her $300.) He gave me $300 to fix the wall and donated the rest."

Pam was dumbfounded; "wow."

I smiled, "I guess I have a way with words." I chuckled.

Pam placed the money in an envelope, "I guess you do."

Pam continued, "let's get back to assisting our clients. Demetreus, I want you to shadow Aaron for the rest of the day." 

Ray interjected, "wait, you assigned a project for Dem and I to do, right?"

Pam smiled, "um, right. Well let's switch it up. Aaron take Dem, (she turned to me and ask if she could call me Dem.) And take him to A16, and train him.

Aaron was a white guy with dark brown wavy hair. His dark grey eyes, with his warmed tanned skin. His freckles were small but decorated his face nicely.

He smiled and welcomed me to the team and lead me to the training. He had a gentle spirit and had such a humble smile.

The End

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