Black and Milds.Mature

Ms. Ortiz, the woman that I interviewed with, stood in between Big Cal and another man. Big Cal was clearly upset as he paced the room. The other man swung papers in his hand as he yelled, "what other bitch are you sleeping with! I fucking hate you for ever threatening my life with diseases and infections."

Ms. Ortiz tried to defuse the situations, "Jed, Big Cal, please calm down.  Please come back into my office."

Jed, an short asian man with two snake bite piercings threw the papers in Big Cal's face and he yelled, "you are a dirty ass bastard. Fuck you and this relationship."

Big Cal yelled as his face darken with anger, "I never cheated on you and I don't  fuck around. You can keep your dirty ass on that side of the fucking office."

Ms. Ortiz pointed, "please go back to the office."

Jed continued to yell and anger Big Cal. Big Cal walked over to the wall and punch a hole. Big Cal yelled, "fuck this, I'm out."

We all jumped. As Big Cal walked away, Ray stretched out his arm to shield Pam and I from danger. 

I whispered to Ray, "let me help..."

He was reluctant  but I still pushed passed him and went after Big Cal.

I followed him down the hallway, and through the exit doors to the courthouse. He was sitting in his car with the radio up loud; Payphone by Maroon 5 was playing.

"Big Cal?"

"I don't feel like taking to yall dumb ass social workers. Fuck him and fuck this place."

"Big Cal, can you look at me?"

"Oh shit, it's you. Don't think I'm some sort of whore. That bitch got something and I don't have it."

I walked over to him as he took a smoke of his black and mild. 

"I just want you to calm down and come back in here."

"Why? So they can probe and press my buttons. I don't got no disease."

"Fine, you are with Jed right? Is he yours?"

"He is my fuck toy. And he contacted a disease. He is cut off. I need a good and thick bottom like you."

I was caught off guard as he started to flirt with me. 

I smiled, "Big Cal, we all know you are about business. I understand Jed is being dirty. You still need to be in there and listen to what Ms. Ortiz has to say. If not for your own sake, but because I'm asking you too."

Big Cal chuckled, "(hmph) so I owe you something?"

I smiled, "you owe me nothing but to tell you to stop acting like a bitch, and get your shit together."

We both laughed. I opened the door, "please, Big Cal?"

He stood up and put out his black and mild. He walked up as I leaned against the door, "I hope your boyfriend knows the kind of gem he has. You're a black and mild. Thick, addicting and belongs in my mouth."

My mouth dropped as I could not believe he said that to me.

He went back into the office and I did a happy dance. I cannot believe that I had my first successful coaching moment. I looked forward as he watched me.

I closed the door, "I'm going to ignore that black and mild comment and remind you that you punch a hole in..."

He pulled out a band of twenties. He said, "here is $300. Keep the change."

The End

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