Red First.Mature

Viewpoint from Demetreus

Today is the first day as an intern at the Red Institute. I left Kel at home as I took my own adventure today. I hummed Janet Jackson's Doesn't Really Matter as I opened the wooden doors.

I walked into a gorgeous lobby with dark wooden floors with two secretary desks on opposite sides. I walked towards the left desk and admired the donated artwork on the wall. The artists were all HIV positive and showcased their talents.

"Good Morning, I am here to see Ms. Zuleima Ortiz."

The secretary smiled as I realized she was on the phone. She pointed to the other desk. 

I turned and slowly stride to the other side.  Ray popped his head out of the office door.

"Morning, Demè."

"Good Morning, Ray."

He held the door open as I got a sniff of his cologne. It was soft and nautical esquire. 

He smiled and passed me a stack of paper.

"You look very nice. I like this look better than the bowtie style." 

I chuckled as I glanced over the casework, "yeah, I came to work today. I want to soak up this experience."

"Well, I'm  glad you came to work. I'm going to take advantage... um, take advantage of you... like an intern, cause it's free work."

I watched as he fumbled with his words. He has the cutest dimples. I touched his shoulder, "Don't worry sir, I get it."

He chuckled, "good, I almost made this awkward. Let me show you, your space."

Ray was the perfect gentleman as he introduced me to everyone. He was hilarious but professional. 

I sat at my desk and took a deep breath. This is the moment that I could jump-start my future. I logged onto the computer and began my online training. 

Pam, a hyper older woman in her late 40's with bright red spiky hair and matching ruby red lips gave me another stack of papers.

"Hello! Welcome to the neighborhood."

I could tell  she was a riot with her red cowboy boots.

I greeted her and she introduced herself as my supervisor. I wasn't expecting that. She lead me into the clinical space, as she instructed me to shadow her.

Another sweet woman by the name of Joanne welcomed me in.

"Hello, my dear. It looks like we will be cubby buddies! I hope you like Starbucks because it's my 2nd home." She giggled.

"Hi Joanne! I'm a quad venti raspberry white mocha affogato style kind of guy." I cheerfully responded.

"I'm straight quad venti americano! If you have any questions, my dear, feel free."  

Her smile alone was so bright and warm it made me feel accepted. She was some sort of data analyst for the Institute.

All of a sudden, we heard people arguing and I opened the door to see Big Cal arguing with another guy. 

The End

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