Overtone Doppio MacchiatoMature

Dewayne bit his lip, "Really. Well, you look like you just ran a marathon. Let me get you a drink, cutie. On me."

I smiled, "no, it's okay. I can pay for it. My boyfriend used to be a manager of a Starbucks.  I don't  want to get you in trouble."

"Oh I don't  think your boyfriend would mind if you taste something new.... from Starbucks. And don't worry, I won't  get in trouble, this will be our secret."

I looked at him with confusion and thought to myself, "damn, I just told him I have a boyfriend, and he doesn't  care."

Dewayne smiled, "let me make you something. Hmmmm, (his left eyebrow raised) I know you like it thick, and creamy. Something that will make you think about it all day. (He bit his lip.) Something that will get your adrenaline running and your palate satisfied. And I know for a fact, you love it sweet."

He was turning me on, and he was doing it on purpose. I loved the attention but I won't enterain the thought. If Diggy found out he was on my top this hard, he would blow a gasket. 

I smiled, "let's see, if you can surpass my boyfriend."

Dewayne steamed the milk and smiled, "all I need is one time. Give you a taste of Atlanta. I hope your ready."

"I'm ready." I licked my lips. 

"You say that, but you have never tasted me."

"You want me to taste you?" I bluntly replied.

"Oh, you are cute. I said you never tasted my drinks. But you can have a sip of me too, if you want."

He passed me the cup and I took a sip. He watched the heat of the whole milk touch my bottom lip. I could smell the aromas of the love created in this cup and I anticipated the touch. I felt the sweetened milk and espresso land in the center of my tongue. The espresso was warm against the hot steamed milk. It was amazing. I felt specs of vanilla bean powder sprinkle the sweetness around my mouth. I felt my pants rumble as Janet Jackson's So Excited played. It was Diggy calling my phone. I let it ring as I took another sip.

Dewayne grinned, "so what do you think of it?"

I smiled, "I liked it a lot but Diggy has made this for me. An overtone doppio espresso macchiato. Thank you."

I could see that I sucked a little fun from Dewayne that my man makes it better. His facial expressions took it as a challenge though. To be honest, I liked his drink better than Diggy's but I wouldn't dare admit that out loud. 

Dewayne chuckled, "now don't forget we still have to chill while you're down here."

I smiled as I placed the ear buds back in my ear. "We will."

I started walking away as I heard him utter, " I taste better than your boyfriend."

Crazy thing is, I kinda want to find out... but Diggy would kill me. 

The End

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