Keep the Body TightMature

 June 10th.

Diggy and I have been tight since our little conversation about boundaries a few days ago. This journey to Atlanta has already been a test to our relationship.  The men down here are they own type of flavor. On the low, I really like it down here, though.

It has been about three days since I really seen Byron or any other of the men that I've  met down here. So to keep myself out of trouble with Diggy, I'm going to chill with Ashley, this lesbo jawn from the courts. She seems rather chill and is about my speed. I had to make sure Diggy understood  that this trip was about killing two birds with one stone. This was my vacation too. 



Even though I had the house to myself as Keke and Diggy were both at their jobs, I still like to keep my fitness up and take a run. I pride myself in keeping my body toned and looking tight. Diggy has his own regimen about keeping his body shaped nice. I like to run.

I laced up my Air Jordan, slid my ear buds in my ear and pulled my Brooklyn Nets fitted cap to the back.

Sevyn Streeter's Consistent played as I started to jog around the block. The run was amazing. I set myself to run a total of six miles. I could feel my oxygen entering my lungs and all my thoughts were gone. I was enjoying myself. I jogged for forty minutes.

I stopped as 'Hit Boy's Grinding My Whole Life' blasted through my ear buds. I forgot my water so I went into a food market. I grabbed a water bottle from the beverage section and realized they had a Starbucks. I haven't  had Starbucks since we were back in Philly. I walked over to it and looked at the pastry case.

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks."

I looked up and smiled as Dewayne was staring at me.

"Ha! You would work here!"

Dewayne smiled, "Starbucks is the shit around here. I needed to see what it was all about. Where you been at? I haven't seen you since the courts."

I looked for the signs that Diggy told me to look for when someone is flirting with me. I replied, "yeah, this is my first time out really by myself since I've been doing sightseeing."

Dewayne grinned.

The End

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