Brooklyn Boy 4.Mature

Editorial Note:

Pause! Please don't fall into Diggy's train of thoughts. This story is about me, the BROOKLYN BOY. This story is about me meeting the lifestyle of Atlanta. I just think its time for me to chime in before you completely side with Diggy. I know you are team Brooklyn OVER team Philly.

Thank you for hearing me out, ya digg. Now back to the story:

Viewpoint: Mikhael "Kel" 


I rubbed my eyes as I laid facing upwards on the bed. I had the best sleep after playing more than eight hours of basketball.  As I sat up, recapping the intense day, my body locked up with soreness. I quickly remembered that I wasn't 16 years old anymore. I felt next to me, and realized Diggy wasn't lying next to me.

"Diggy?" I hoarsely pronounced.

I laid back down as I didn't know where he was. The room was dark and his music was still playing. B.O.B. with Sevyn Streeter played Swing My Way. I arched my back and felt my back crack. I opened my mouth and I felt a yawn release oxygen. 

The curtains blew with the wind as I heard Diggy tapping on the balcony's rail. I stood up and tiptoed into the bathroom. I wiped my face and slid my red ball shorts on. I opened the balcony door and Diggy looked puzzled. 

My voice was still hoarse, "Good morning,  Diggy?"

I smiled as he looks beautiful. The warm sun light danced against his skin tone and illuminated pure beauty.

I watched him wipe a tear from his right eye. I instantly walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He has been out here for a while, his body temperature was the same as outside.

He uttered, "do you want to break up with me?

That alone smacked me like a brick. I stumbled for a little bit as he over analyzed the situation. Yes, I accidentally called him, Dewayne but don't  fall for Diggy's emotionalism. He gets so work up over the little things.

"Can you chill?" I said.

Diggy started to tear up as I was stunned.

I released my grip of him as he bickered about calling him Dewayne, dreaming of someone else and not having sex. 

I didn't want to argue with him and I replied, "I had fun yesterday and all you want to do is argue. (Sigh.) I don't want anyone else but you.  Like what do you want from me?"

I walked back into the bedroom and rolled my eyes. I took off my socks and got back into bed. He didn't say anything as he remained outside.

I said, "are you coming to bed or are you just gonna whine?"

Diggy stood at the entrance of the glass balcony door. His silhouette of hips against his tighten t-shirt, really turned me on. 

Diggy mumbled, "you find Dewayne attractive? Don't lie to me." 

I chuckled, "yes I do. Just like you think Big Cal is attractive."

He groaned, "Do you want to fuck Dewayne?"

"No, baby. I enjoyed the attention he showed me,  but I intend on leaving Atlanta with you on my arm."

"We need some rules and boundaries."

"Well, we can talk about that in the morning. Baby, please come to bed."

Diggy groaned again. He rubbed his fingertips through his curly topped hair cut as he arched his back. His skin looked soft and his lips were lucious. The sun light traced the curves of his body.

I patted the bed as Mya's Do It played. 

He licked his lips, "why haven't you fucked me, since we've been here?"

"I honestly haven't had the chance too."

"Well..." He started to say. "You said we are having a day to ourselves tomorrow."

"Just you and me, Diggy."

I reached my hand out as he was reluctant to take it.

"Baby, get your ass over here." Diggy rolled his eyes and looked through his playlist. I stood up and wrapped my hands around his waist.

"Didn't I said get in the bed," as I lifted and slammed him onto the bed. 

I slid underneath the covers. I can't believe he didn't  drill me with questions  about Dewayne. 

The End

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