Little Ole MeMature

"Baby?" Kel repeated.

I heard him but I was so tired from the day that I couldn't open my eyes.

Kel laid back, "I wish you were awake, so I can tell you about my day."

I mumbled in my sleep, "did you have fun?"

Kel scratched his head, "I played ball all day today. It was amazing. I felt like I was on the block again."

I turned over as he vented about his day.

"Its weird, the gay guys can smell you down here. A whole group of them surrounded me today.  I wasn't used to all the attention, I was getting. I mean, I saw you and the guys were flocking you too."

He looked at the ceiling, and finished, "I missed you today. I wish you would wake up."

He turned over and spooned me. His hands grabbed my chest and he whispered, "Diggy?"

I turned over again and matched eyes with him when I woke.

"Hey baby." I hoarsely said.

"I'm sorry, Diggy."

"Why are you apologizing?  I'm the one that needed to apologize. I just wanted to give you the space you needed today."

"Thank you. I had the best time playing ball today. How was your interview? "

"Fabolous. Are you going to play ball tomorrow too?"

"No, I'm going to spend my day with you."

"Really?  Little ole me?"

Kel turned over and kissed me on my lips. 

"Goodnight Kel."

"Sweet dreams and good night Deway... Demetreus. "

He fumbled for a second as I fell asleep.  

The End

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