I adjusted my fitted cap as Ray continued:

"I guess this is a dumb question but do you like your size?"

"Um, I used to be a lot bigger. Like 350lbs. I think my size now is a little bit more realistic and controlled.  I think ideally I want to be smaller, but I will make due with this body until I can get it to where I wanna be."

"Your confidence..."

I interrupted him, "when you look in the mirror, do you find yourself attractive."

Ray and I turned the corner as he finished, "um, kinda."

"What do you mean?! Kinda?!"

"Like I'm no 10/10."

"Ray, you are very attractive.  I definitely think you a solid 9/10."

"Really? Thank you, that means a lot."

"Like you seem like a very friendly and intelligent person. I have only known you for not even an hour and I love your sense of humor and the dresscode. You gotta have more confidence in yourself.  No one else will."

"Thank you, Demetreus."

"So I'm very aware Mikhael is more attractive than me. You think that stops me? My confidence will drive my success."

"I see."

We looked up and we arrived at Keke's condominium. I really enjoyed my conversation with Ray and was a little disappointed that it ended.

Ray smiled,  "well you have safely arrived to your destination and it was a pleasure conversing with you. I hope you get selected to come work at the Red Institute.  We need somebody like you on our team."

I climbed the steps as I watched him watch me through the reflection. I unlocked the door and smiled, "that would be amazing. They did invite me to volunteer this weekend,  so I might make an appearance."

"I know, I would appreciate that."

"I'll see you soon. Goodnight." I slowly closed the door, "get home safely."

20 minutes later:

Body Party by Ciara played throughout my room as I slow danced to it. I took a hot shower as I sung the lyrics to the song. I looked out the front door to see Kel talking to a bunch of men on the stoop. I tried not to get myself upset, so I focus on how Ray made me feel. Wanted.

I heard the door open and I quickly restarted the song. I grabbed my phone and laid in bed. I pretended as if I was sleep.

Kel stumbled in the room and went into the bathroom.  I couldn't figure out if he was still mad at me. He took a shower and came out forty minutes later. At this time, I actually fell asleep but I could feel him get in bed. Take Me Down by Chris Brown played. 

"Baby?" Kel whispered in my ear.

The End

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