Street Lights.Mature

I took a few steps outside the community park center gates and looked back. I have never seen so many people watch a street game of basketball. Keke gave me simple instructions to get to her house.

I initially observed my surroundings.  This part of Atlanta was very well lit and the people were on corners socializing.

With the cool breeze against the muggy warm air, I thought this was a good time to clear my thoughts and  talk a walk. I walked up one block and could still hear the commotion from the courts. 


I looked around, "oh hey."

"It's Ray."

Ray was a brown skin distinguished man with long but polished dread locks. You could tell he was educated and took good care of himself. He has a great sense of style,  a beautiful smile and a nice mahogany pair of Burberry glasses on. 

"Sorry, is everything  okay?" I innocently questioned.

"Why are you walking by yourself? Even though we aren't  in a hood, you shouldn't  walk alone."

"Oh okay? Well thank you! You didn't have to walk me home, but I appreciate it." He seems like a nice guy.

"There are still gentleman in this world."

"Haha, I say that." He started to walk beside me.

Ray began the conversation: "So, Keke said you might relocate to Atlanta?"

"Yeah, I have just earned my BSSW. I desire to assist my community and focus on disease control. I am quite sure I can make a difference in someone's  life."

"Yeah, that's why I became a counselor. I work for the Red Institute."

"Oh my word! I ran into you earlier! That's why you look semi familiar. But your dreads were in a ponytail?"

"Yes, I pull them back when I'm  in the office."

"Well... that's amazing."

He smiled and then I smiled  harder. We crossed the street and I asked him why he chose Atlanta.

"Well I grew up in Philly too. I always wanted to start new so I started to just travel. I transfered from Lincoln University  to Clark Atlanta during my sophomore  year. I pledge my fraternity as soon as I got down here cause it just felt right."

"What fraternity?"

"Alpha Phi Alpha."

"My boyfriend Mikhael is apart of your fraternity."

"Oh! That was your boyfriend. Oh! That's  why you have a nickname, cause he is your spouse. Makes sense! And that's dope that he is my fraternal brother."

"Yeah, he's a great guy when he wants to be. I'm apart of Phi Beta Sigma."

"Ah! I like the Sigmas. You strike me as a pretty boy though."

"You thought I was a shimming Kappa! Oh no!" I laughed out loud. We crossed another street. 

"Well, hopefully I'm  not stepping on your boyfriend's toes by walking you home."

"He is not paying any attention to me today. I doubt he noticed I left."

"Really?! I find that hard to believe. You are a very attractive dude, I'm pretty sure he notice that you left."

"Well thanks Ray. I think you are handsome too.  I used to have the lowest confidence about my weight and my size. As soon as I became confident, the boys just flocked to me."

"Thick boys are their own kind but they are sexy in their own right. I've never dated a thick guy before."

The End

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