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Dewayne chuckled as he put his hand on Kel's shoulder, "how long you here, darling?"

"For a few weeks." He took a gulp of water.

Ashley, his teammate ran over and tapped Kel to get back in the game. 

Dewayne chuckled, "Yo, you are really funny. Can I get your number so we can chill while you're down here?"

Kel smiled, "yeah, most definitely."

I rolled my eyes and instantly got pissed off. 

Dewayne smiled, "I'ma let you go and finish kicking some ass."

Kel tied his shoe and ran back to his game. I walked over and sat next to Dewayne. I kept thinking to myself: Do I get even or do I just play it safe?

Dawn RiChard's Biggest Fan played as his buzzer rang throughout the courts.

Dewayne turned to his friend, "I definitely know that Brooklyn kid is a top and I'ma give him the business."

"Bitch, the whole crew gonna give him the business." They obnoxiously laughed out loud.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. What did he think he was accomplishing by talking to another gay man. 

I took a deep breath and sat by myself.  It can be a harmless conversation or a crack in our relationship.  I'm just so tired of arguing with him that I sat with a blank expression on my face. Kel ran up, caught a rebound and tossed it to another player. He looked over to me and instantly smiled. 

"Hey baby..." he lipped to me. His smile alone calms me down. I just wish he would listen to me when I warn him about vindictive gay men. 

I put up two thumbs up as he went back to focusing on the game. I looked to Dewayne who shot me an evil glare. I ignored him.

Keke came up behind me and scared me.


I jumped as a gentleman shined his pure white teeth at me.

"Hey, your Keke's cousin and a greek member right?" 

I stood up as I realized she was introducing me to him.

"My name is Ray and it's nice to meet you."

I smiled, "my name is Demetreus, but everyone calls me Diggy."

"Your name is so authentic,  why dress it up with an nickname."

"Thank you, I love my name. Mikhael, gave me this nickname.  You should ask him." I pointed to Kel.

I looked over to Kel looking at me. I smiled at him. I looked to Keke, "so what is going on in the game, right now?"

Ray interjected, "if I may... well Mikhael just shot a three pointer. That man got hands! LaRon passed the ball to Jones and Mikhael interjected it. So now his team has possession of the ball. Marley passed the ball in bounds to Mikhael who is driving the ball down the court. Mikhael just shot it again. SWISH! This man is dope."

I cheered and I look to Keke, "how far is the house from here?" I completely changed the subject. I realized that Kel's kept a tab of who I was talking to.

"About 15 minutes,  why... you wanna leave?"

"Yeah, I want him to enjoy himself, and he's worrying about me. So I'm going to walk. I just want to clear my head before I start making things bigger than what they are. He hasn't even spoken to me all day and I wanna go."

"Do you want me to drive you home?"

"No, your community is safe enough for me to walk, right?" I turned to Ray, "it was nice meeting you. I hope to see you soon."

"You will. Good night. " Ray smiled.

I stood up and walked towards the exit. Kel wiped his face and watch me leave. He tried to get Keke's attention but it failed. He lipped to Keke, "what's wrong with Diggy?"

She smiled and lipped back, "he's just tired."

The End

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