Courtside Gaydar.Mature

Yung Jeezy RIP played throughout the speakers on the courts. This was a huge social scene as they were maybe 150 people in this park. The blacktop portion was lit up with bright lights and you could smell the sweat. Everyone was dressed nicely as I didn't stand out as much as I wanted to. But maybe that was a good thing.

There were many different groups here, the groupies, the hoes, the ballers, the car junkies, the basketball players, the lesbians and the gays.

It was the first time in my life I saw so many different groups all coexisting with everyone. It was like it was high school again and everyone was divided into groups of 20. 

I kept myself separated,  as I continued to look for Kel. All of a sudden, a man nudge me by accident? 

"Excuse me?" I said with a gentle voice.

Byron apologized,  "oh I'm sorry... oh it's you."

My fake smile displayed on my face,  "Oh-h-h, hi Bryson."

"It's Byron. What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for Kel. Is he still playing? "

"Um, I don't know." He pointed through the gay section. "I'm pretty sure he is with great company."

I don't know if he was trying to play with me but I know Kel and he won't sit with the gay men.

I smiled again, "thanks." I ignored him and kept walking. I didn't want to look through the gay section, I don't want them to know that a new gay is in town. 

I saw Big Cal surrounding with a bunch of men that looked straight,  but could be gay. He lifted his cap and signalled me to come over. I stepped onto the bleachers and started to excuse myself by people.

"Yo, what's good Dig."

"Hello, Big Cal." I said ever so sweetly.  

His boys chuckled and interjected, "who you?"

Big Cal chuckled, "naw, he straight. This is my neighbor's fam. He sexy right?"

The dark-skinned guy licked his lips and said, "I do love a good chicken thigh."

I chuckled with confusion.  

Big Cal sucked on his bottom lip and ask, "don't mind them. They are just trades."

"Ah! This makes sense.  Well Big Cal have you seen my boyfriend?"

The guys groaned, "you wifed up?"

I started to feel like I was that juicy chicken drumstick waiting to be plucked and devoured. I knew it was a compliment that they wanted to fuck my brains out but I'm not single.  

Big Cal bypassed them and said, "he's with the fems. The thick one over there is named Dewayne. He's a quick one."

I couldn't believe this.

"How long has been talking to him?" I mumbled.

"Well his game is about to pick up again, so like twelve minutes."

"Are they on him?"

"Like my boy was going to be on you. But you know dem fems. Just bitches."

"Hmph,  well let me introduced them to Philly for a second.  I'll be right back."

Big Cal chuckled,  "you can take your time walking away."

I looked back and smile. I cocked one of my eyebrow and turned my swagg level up high. 

I made sure I look passed everyone as I was a fresh face and the other gays will be able to pick me up on their gaydars. I purposely walked passed Kel "looking for Kel." I stood behind him listening to his conversation facing the other direction.

The End

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