The sunset was absolutely breath taking. The radiant reds and mandarin oranges painted across the clear skies completed a great day in Atlanta. The sun light beamed from all directions.  It was something so simple,  that just can't be overlooked.

I looked over to my cousin with the biggest smile on her face. After my successful interview with the Red Institute, I got some much needed quality time with my cousin. I enjoyed learning about the woman my cousin became after she left Philadelphia,  eight years ago. She has become very successful and she shared her strategies ith me.

It was amazing to connect with her on an adult level and be comfortable in my own skin. She is the first and only member of my family to really receive me as a gay man.

It was also nice not having to focus on Kel and the drama surrounding our relationship but the original reason, to grow.

As we drove through the neighborhood, we came across the community park covered with all different races of men and women. I haven't heard from Kel all day, so I'm assuming he is still playing ball, somewhere around here. You could feel the competitiveness in the air as we pulled in. 

Keke turned to me and smiled, "I'm really happy you decided to come down here. I've missed my Philly folks."

I grabbed her hand, "you don't know what this means that you accept me. I love you so much."

Keke hugged me and pointed at Byron. 

"I guess they took their game to the streets. Get it... the streets!" I joshed around.

We both laughed.

There were eight blacktop basketball courts with 16 teams playing all at the same time. Without getting out the car, I scanned the area looking for Kel. 

Keke looked with me, "maybe he is playing with Byron."

"Ugh, I hope not."

I looked around and finished,  "there are a lot of fine ass men here. Damn."

Keke smiled as she reversed her car. 

"Wait, where are we going?  I don't see Kel."

Keke started to drive, "the games are ending the 2nd quarter, this gives us enough time to change and be back here by 4th quarter, so we can scope me a straight boyfriend."

12 minutes later

I chuckled as we pulled up next to this royal blue Ford Fusion. Infidelity by Trey Songz played loudly.

"That was the fastest I have ever changed. You only changed your shoes."

Keke giggled,  "we're down in Atlanta,  it is the standard to always dress to impress. You might run into a celebrity. I know a few."

Keke closed her door sporting white denim jeans with a crimson cami and four inch pumps. I am a little bottom heavy, so I sported light denim washed jeans with fresh black Adidas with a black tank top that said #sassy. I wore a fitted cap sideways. I looked super cute. 

The guy smiled as Keke laughed with me.

"Ex'cuse me. You gonna meet your boyfriend in there?"

Keke giggled, "I'm going to meet some friends."

"What's your name?"

Keke turned to me, "Dee, you can go ahead of me, I'll come find you."

I chuckled as the guy was attractive.  I didn't know what I was about to get myself into. So I put my head up and acted like I was the baddest beauty in the court.

The End

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