Pucker Up.Mature

June 6th,  2:34pm

Keya quickly turned as I stormed into the kitchen, "so how long you and Byron been friends?"

Keya laughed as she finished wiping her hands on the towel, "why you sound mad?"

I heard her start to answer my question but then I heard Kel running down the stairs. I decided to again make my presences known. Neyo's I aint gotta tell you played on the radio. Kel grabbed his gym bag and shook hands with Byron.

I walked in calmly, this being the first time I saw him all day and grabbed my briefcase. I sat down and looked at her flat screen. Kel and Byron walked towards the door and I felt an instant irritation comimg on.

Is he really going to ignore that I was just sitting here?!? 

Before Kel could close the door, he ran back in and up to me.

"Give me a kiss." (Oh, he better had said something to me.)

I looked at him with pure irritation and he finished,  "come on bay, they are waiting on me." He palmed my knees as I looked the other way.

I puckered my lips and he gently kissed them. I muttered, "so you're not mad at me anymore?"

"Yes and no, but that will have to wait. You do phenomenal on your interview and text me all the details. I'ma be mopping these bitches Brooklyn style."

I smiled,  "thank you, and have fun babe." 

He kissed me again and caught up with the guys.

I looked from her condominium window as he ran across the street. Byron placed his dry looking hands on my man, and it makes my skin crawl.

My eyebrow raised as I continued to mumble things underneath my breath.

Keya (Keke) walked up beside me and tapped on my shoulder.

"Lil cous, what's wrong?"

I smiled, "Keke, you know about niggas right?"

She laughed out loud, "yes Dee."

"They are worst when they are gay. They have very limited boundaries unless set by the relationship.  What Kel fails to understand, is that Byron is gay and our relationship has no set boundaries. This is why I had an issue with us going to Pynk. Them gays will demolish this relationship,  with the quickness."

"Why you say that?"

"Kel only knows how to handle a hand full of gays, that one: respects that I was his boyfriend and two, that understands what boundaries are.  Atlanta doesn't care about our bond. I can't believe I didn't think of this when I originally decided to come down here."

"Wait... you think Byron is gay. He isn't."

"Um, yes he is."

"I used to date him."

"Have  you been tested?! I bet you a shot, that man is getting dick down."

"The bet is on cause I don't believe you. "

"Yepperz, I can smell the gay off of him."

"Fine, you have two weeks. Prove it with either video, text or visuals."

"Challenge accepted.  He is going to COME ON to Kel. And I only know that cause, he made it a point to say TO ME, that he knows I don't like him. What straight guy DO YOU KNOW will come up to a gay guy and say some shit like that. (EXHALE) I am not threaten by his UGLY ass, and he can keep his DIRTY BALLS on the other side of the damn street. UGH."

Keke laughed louder as she grabbed her car keys, "boy, you are simple. Come on!"

I grabbed my briefcase and straightened my brown bowtie, "And you know I'm right! His balls look like they stink!  Hahaha!"

Keke rolled her eyes as they exited her condo.

The End

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