The chimes hit against the door as it shut behind me.

"Yo, can you push the door open for me?" Big Cal said.

I gently glided by him and pushed his front door opened. He started to lose the grip of the bags and dropped one. I have fast reflexes and caught one of the handles before it hit the floor.

"Damn, shawty, you quick." He said with a tooth pick hanging out his mouth. 

He walked in and asked me to follow. He walked towards his kitchen as I was dumb-founded of how his place looked.

"You like?" He said from the kitchen.

I said in awe," yes, its beautiful." I have never seen a house like this before.

"Yeah, one of my roommates is into this shit. He buys art and shit like that."

I replied, "Well he definitely has taste."

"Yeah, he cool."

He walked up and grabbed the bag from me.

"You want something to drink?"

"No, I'm fine." I said as I glanced to see myself in the mirror again. Damn! I am still not wearing any clothes!

He walked out from kitchen in just a wife-beater shirt and tossed me a wine cooler. 

"You look thirsty. So... is that all you're going wear today?" He smiled.

I walked towards the door and laughed, "This is just lounge wear, I'm going to get dress now."

He licked his lips and said, "Well, don't put to much on, cause its gonna be hot as shit today."

I smiled, "Oh damn, Atlanta don't play with the heat!"

"Naw, we don't." He said as he laid on his couch, and turned the 50 inch flat screen on.

"You have a great day."

"See ya homie." He said as I closed the door.

I took a deep breath to match eyes with Mikhael.

"Yo, what were you doing in there?"

I stumbled and said, "I helped him with his bags."

"With that on?!"

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

"Damn right you weren't paying attention!!"

He pushed open Keya's apartment door. I followed after him. He closed the door and said: "Do you like him?"

I was stunned, "No, Kel!" I hesitated. "I just helped him with his groceries. That's all."

"It better be all!" He said to me. He started to climb up the steps, "I'ma take a shower, and cool down..."

I whispered, "What just happened?" 

The End

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