Morning GamezMature

I smiled as he revealed himself by turning on his balcony porch light.

He was a light skinned black man of 220lbs. I could see at least three tribal tattoos showing and they looked rather sexy. He looked like a bodybuilder with his muscles bulging through his shirt. He slid the blunt out of his mouth and blew smoke out his nose.

"Do you wanna hit?" He said again, as if I didn't hear him the first time. His voice was deep with a southern accent.

"No, thank you." I respectively declined.

"I don't know you, are you fam of Keke's?"

"Yeah, I'm her cousin from up north."

He looked me up and down and then I realized that I wasn't wearing much clothing.

I said, "Oh! I'm sorry, I thought I was the only one out here, let me grab a robe."

"Naw, shawty, you good. I certainly like the view."

I smiled as I realized that he was flirting with me.

I smiled and said," my boyfriend likes the view too."

He smiled as he inhaled. He blew out smoke as I looked to the starless night.

"How long has you and your boyfriend been together?" He uttered.

"For a long time."

"Is he cute like you?"

"No, he's sexy, I'm just cute."

"Shawty, you sexy too."

"Thank you."

"Shawty, what do you go by?"


"Wassup Diggy, er'body calls me Big Cal in this bitch," he said as he inhaled again.

"Hmph, Big Cal... is it cause you're  a big guy?"

"Naw, cause my dick is literally a foot long. And if your boyfriend ever fuck up, I know you would want to try my $5 foot long."

I laughed as I bypassed his last statement, "Well its nice meeting you Big Cal, good night."

I said as I waved and made my way back into her house. I immediately ran over to Kel and slid underneath the covers and fell asleep in his arms.


I woke up and Kel wasn't next to me. I picked up his phone to see 2 missed calls from his mother. I called her back. As I walked through the house talking to Kel's mother, I realized, Danni and Keke's cars were both gone, assuming they went to the market or something.

I looked outside to see Mikhael playing with that dude I didn't like. Kel looked so good, sweating and glistening as he dribbled the ball. They played right in the middle of the street as there was a hooped made near the stop sign.

Jaiden finally got on the phone and I spoke to him for a while. I walked around with that t-shirt that hugged my hips but not showing my boy shorts.

"Diggy? Can I talk to daddy?" Jaiden said.

I agreed and walk towards the door. I pushed open the screen door and said, "Kel, phone call!"

"Bay, tell them I'll call them back. I'ma about to beat them."

"Kel, its Jaiden."

"Okay, I'll take it." He looked at Byron, "Pause. I'ma give you a break to catch your breathe, cause I'm a bout to mop the floor with you."

He waved me to come outside. I walked outside and felt the breeze hit my legs. I knew I was sexy when Byron bit his lips as Kel ran up to me.

"Bay, you look good." He said as he kissed my lips and grabbed the phone. Cal pulled up in his separate drive way. I leaned against the porch wall as I saw Kel talking to Jaiden. Kel looked up to see Cal watching me. Cal walked up to me and I went to open the door for him.

"Thanks shawty."

"No problem, Cal"

"Big Cal," He corrected me.

I looked back at Kel and he seemed puzzled.

I yelled back to him, "Go finish your game, I'ma make lunch."

The End

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