Starless NightMature

June 6, 2012 at 3:34am

Danni drove us home from the club because my cousin, Keya and my boyfriend Mikhael and I were a tad bit intoxicated. Our first night in Atlanta was absolutely amazing. The food was delicious and the straight club didn't disappoint neither. The club was full of hot and blazing music. Those people know how to party. But some of the women don't know how to dress, because it was so much skin out. There were at least three fights but we all had a great time.

I really don't understand why my cousin lives down here, because even in a straight club, my gaydar was going off. Keya is absolutely beautiful straight woman but I feel like there aren't that many men out of here that haven't fooled or been intimate with another man. The S.T.I. (sexual transmitted infections) and HIV/AIDS are definitely in full flight here (no pun intended). I want her to be able to find a great man that will love her, and Atlanta doesn't seem like the place.

Danni and Keya walked into the house while Kel and I followed. We locked up the car and went into the house. The Victorian style house was beautiful but split into 3 huge apartments. My cousin had three bedrooms, a huge living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a beautiful balcony. While the other two apartments in the house were equally as big so you can imagine how big the entire house was.

Danni opened the door and walked Keya to her room. I practically carried Kel to our bedroom and laid him down.

"Pick up your leg," I whispered to him.

Kel was done. He moved his leg allowing me to slip off his jeans and shoes. I took off his shirt and slid a clean t-shirt over him. I sat him up for second and gave him a cup of water to drink.

"Bay, drink." I said as I forced him to drink water as I did myself.

Kel finished his water and kissed me on my lips, "Good night babe." He mumbled as I turned him on his stomach.

I wrapped the sheets around him and walked away. I stumbled over to Keya's room to see, Keke already sleep in her bed, and Danni in the guest bathroom taking a shower.

I liked the way Kel was masculine with me today. It kinda turned me on. I am really started to lo-lo-vv... well I guess I can't say the l word yet, but I do like him a lot.

I changed my clothes and took a shower before heading to bed. When I got out of my shower, I tossed on a shirt that reached to my thighs. I didn't dry off but instead decide to walk outside onto the balcony. I was wearing only a t-shirt that laid tight around my hips and boy shorts.

I slid the door opened and walked towards the edge. The heat started to dry the water off of me and I glazed up to the sky. Thinking about everything as I allowed my mind to wander until I got a sniff of weed in my nostrils.

"Is that weed?!" I whispered to myself. I looked further out and then to the left where the other person's apartment balcony was.

"Yo what's gud?!" This man came out of the shadows with a lighted blunt in his hand.

The balconies weren't connected and I looked over to see who I was talking to. I watched him look me up and down.

He looked over and said, "You wanna hit this?"

The End

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