20 minutes later.

Rihanna "Talk that Talk" played loud in Keke's car as we were on our way to the club. My cousin tried to talk to me but I was so pissed that I didn't talk. Kel tried to make me laugh, but I didn't feel like being bothered.

Kel interrupted the silence, "Hey Keya, can we take one more pit stop before we are the destination."

Keya smiled as she turned down a street, "We are about here!"

"We are?" Kel responded.

I rolled my eyes and continued to stare out of the window. She pointed at this hot pink and white building with a long line of people outside of it.

"That's club Pynk. I'm meeting my bestfriend here too, so you'll be meeting Danni."

"Oh that's cool. I'm excited to meet her, are you Diggy?"

I rolled my eyes and continued to look out of the window.

Keya giggled, "Let me find a parking space, and you guys can meet me outside, in five minutes."

Kel smiled as he grabbed my hand. I quickly snatched it back.

Kel looked at me with a weird facial expression. I faced the window again.

Kel uttered, "Dee, get out the car, we need to talk."

I opened the car door when Keya stopped the car and I got out. I walked over to Keya's door and said, " Sorry, If I'm acting like a bitch towards you, but I don't want to do this with Kel yet, I just don't think we are ready."

She replied, "You have a good dude, be upfront with him. Now, cut the bull shit and go talk to him."

I smiled as she drove away. Kel walked over to me and kissed my lips. I felt a little bit better.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dismiss you and I don't like when we argue."

I looked up at him. He continued, "If you don't want me to go, then I won't."

I smiled, "It's not that I don't want you to go. But Kel you are very attractive dude and a lot of those men in there will flock to you."

He walked up and palmed my face with both hands. He whispered, "But I'm with you and no one else. They can look at me, but my heart belongs with you."

"They will be after anything, your lips, touch, kiss, heart anything! All they need is a long glance from you, and that's all it takes, for them to pounce."

He kissed me softly on my lips, "bay, don't worry about it. I am yours. And I know they are going to be on you too."

I responded, "I know, but I know how to handle them, well I think I do."

"Well, I'm open-minded to this whole being comfortable with you thing. Baby, teach me. And stop studying me." Kel smiled.

"I'm sorry, I'm working on turning off my "social work" when I'm not at work." I laughed.

"I don't like arguing with you, but I need you to understand, that we are both in control, not just you."

"I'm sorry Kel." I sincerely said.

"You better say sorry!" Kel quickly responded.

We both started laughing. I walked up to him and kissed him. We made out for a few seconds when my cousin and her best friend interrupted me.

Keya smiled, "So what's the plan, ladies?"

Kel chuckled, "actually, I'm the only dude here."

I laughed, "hey! hey! hey!"

We all laughed. 

Kel finished, "Let's hit up the lounge right down the street, and we'll save Club Pynk for a later date."

Keke responded, "That sounds like a plan. I'll go park and meet yall down there." She said as she drove away.

Kel held my hand as we walked passed Pynk. I looked up to see Kel match eyes with a few cute dudes.

"I saw that." I whispered as we walked by.

"Damn, I feel like they want me."

"Baby, they do."

Kel was a little stunned.

I responded, "I just don't we are ready for it yet. But we will go at least twice!"

"Three times..."

"Fine..." I smiled, "Thanks baby."

"Anything for you, Diggy."

The End

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