The Rule BookMature

Kel closed the door and said, "I'm okay Keya. Dee is the one that's tripping."

"Tripping?!" I said as my frustration grew.

"You both need to fix this, because you guys aren't going to argue the whole way down to the club." Keya proclaimed.

I rolled my eyes and said to Keya, "take us to a straight club!"

Kel interrupted, "No... I want to go to the gay club!" 

"Why?!" I said as I cocked an attitude.

"Is there a fucking gay rule book, or something?!?" Kel said as he opened the car door and exited the car.

I opened the car door, slammed my door closed, and  followed him.

"I know you're mad but don't curse in front of my cousin. Like seriously!!!"

"Dee, do you make the fucking score book for what men in a relationship can do and what level they have to be on to do it, or some shit like that?!" 

"I'm trying to..."

Kel interupted me, "No!! Don't give me that social work , counseling  shit, cause  I don't want to hear it right now."

I got into his face. "How the fuck dare you! Come at my profession!"

"Demetreus, really?! You're about to psychoanalyze your relationship with me and honestly you're wearing down my patience."

"If we continue to have the arguments over dumb shit like we are having, ALL THE DAMN TIME!" I walked up to him, and started to put my hands in his face, aggressively. I continued, "Mikhael, why... would... you...put... US... in a environment that could cause bigger problems in our relationship."

"That's not..."

"Don't fucking interrupted me, Mikhael! The fucking social worker is analyzing the situation and is gonna diagnosis, you an asshole."

"Your sarcasm is pissing me off!" Kel pushed me away.

I walked up on him and took a deep breath, "I'm not looking at your comfort level, because you want to be all gay all of a sudden, but I'm looking at the comfort level of our relationship, and in my opinion, we aren't ready for a gay scene because it would tear us apart. And I don't want to lose..."

Kel interrupted me again, "Why are you in control of the situation? If you felt that our relationship couldn't handle a fucking gay club, then why didn't you tell me? You need to communicate. I came down here with an open mind."

"You don't know how gays are! And how some can be more conniving and sneaky than bitches."

"Honestly, I don't care at this point. But The main point is Demetreus, I'm going to that gay club with you on my arm or not. End of discussion."

Kel started to walk towards the car. I was simply appalled. Did he just do that to me?!

I quickly said, "Don't ever dismiss me like that again, Mr. Johnson!! Because next time you do that, you will be single!!!"

He said as he opened the door, "Next time, you try to psychoanalyze our relationship, you need to check yourself, that I ain't your fucking clients and I don't want to be. And if I have to check you, I will, trust!"

"I'm so mad at you." I whispered as I got into the car.

"I will dismiss you, if you keep acting foolish Demetreus, and the single title sounds good right now, especially with this bull shit."

I popped my head out of the car and said, "Excuse me... you want to be single?"

Kel rolled his eyes and got into the car. I got back into the car and remained quiet for the entire ride. I was pissed.

The End

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