Presences KnownMature

Kel didn't even have to say a word, I didn't want to get into an argument with him. We walked over to the bench and passed him the drink.

"So who does your cousin think I am?" Kel said to me as he took a sip of his ginger ale.

I responded, "Well, I was going to introduced you as my friend, but if she's cool than as my boyfriend. But I want to play it by ear."

"I think I'm going to try something new."

"Which is?"

"I'ma pretend to be comfortable with myself with this whole gay thing."

Before I could challenge his statement, I looked up to see a green Honda Civic with an Delta Sigma Theta Sticker on the back of it. I knew it was my cousin. 

"Babe, there she is!"

Kel sat up as I ran over to her. She ran over to me and we hugged.

"Hey Dee!" 

"Hey Keya!"

I walked over to Mikhael and he stood up.

"Keya, this is Mikhael, but everyone calls her KeKe."

"Nice to meet you."

They shook hands. Kel grabbed the bags, put them in the car and we were on our way!

It was absolutely beautiful. Keri Hilson set the mood as I sat in the back seat with Kel while my cousin drove. I rubbed Kel's hand as he looked out of the window. It was definitely different from Brooklyn and Philadelphia.


We decided to leave everything in the car, and allow Keke to give us a tour of her house. Keke didn't give us any alone time, but I really wanted to touch bases with him, but didn't have a chance too. He told us that he was going to get the bags from the car before it got to late. I walked into the kitchen with my cousin.

"So you guys are dating?!" Keke giggled.

I was caught of guard, "Why do you ask that?!" 

"The way you look at him."

"Well... um..."

"I won't tell your parents..."

"Or the rest of the family?"

"Yes... I promise!"

"Then yes..."

"I love it! You guys seems like a great bunch of guys."

"Thanks Keke."

"But why did you bring him down here... the gay population is huge down here."

"Really?! I didn't think it would be bad and plus he needed a vacation."

"Well, go get your man. I'ma treat you guys for dinner."

I smiled and hugged her. I walked over to the door and saw some of the bags against the door. I opened it, and saw Kel talking to a man. I looked at the man's body language and I didn't like it. They were both laughing.

The other guy was about Kel's height, brown skin and just as masculine as Kel was, but that doesn't mean he isn't gay. Homosexual men come in all forms and I don't like the feeling I have, just by watching them. So I walked outside to make my presences known.

"Hey baby?" I said as I opened the door.

Kel looked at me and smiled, "Excuse me for a second."

The dude turned to Kel and said, "You're gay?!"

Kel looked at him, and responded, "I don't like labels, but if you must label me, I'm bi-sexual."

I walked out to the front ignoring their conversation, "You ready to eat?"

Kel turned to me, "Yeah babe..." 

I looked passed Kel to see the guy checking out Kel. I already knew this man was to not be trusted. 

The dude asked, "What's ya name, homie?!"

"You can call me, Kel and this is my boyfriend Diggy."

The End

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