Here We Go.Mature

4 Weeks Later:

Kel grabbed my bags and put them in the taxi. Jaiden waved to his dad as he packed the car. I walked over to Jaiden and hugged him bye.

"We will back in two weeks."

Jaiden smiled, "Promise!"

I smiled, "Promise! Love you kiddo."

"Luv you too Diggy!" He gave me a piece of paper and continued, "Dis is a picture of me, you, the puppies, mommy and daddy."

It was the cutest picture ever. I called Kel over to us and he stopped what he was doing to see this picture.

"Yo, this shit pop!"

I quickly hit him in his stomach. He corrected himself.

"Son, this is so nice..."

Jaiden smirked, "ooooooo! Daddy said a bad word."

Kel smiled as he picked up Jaiden and I walked away. I looked back at Kel as he hugged Jaiden.  For a split second, they all looked like a happy family and I was the home wrecker. But think I blinked and Alyssa shot me a dirty look and I realized that I kinda stole her man. Alyssa hugged Kel as he passed Jaiden to her. Kel got into the car and we drove to the airport.

In the Taxi:

"I cannot believe I agree to go with you." Kel smiled.

"I know! I was shocked when you said yes." I shot back at him.

"I didn't really say yes....." He confidently responded.

"Yea you did."

"Well, when you had that talk with my supervisor behind ma back."

"Behind your back?! I was right in front of you." I chuckled.

He smiled as he held me around my waist with his left hand. I put my head on his shoulder. The cab driver looked up at us. Kel let go of me and I felt a sudden sadness. Kel continued.

"My supervisor didn't even tell me to take it off, he just put me down for vacation. I guess when you told him the dates of this trip, he was like this is a must."

"I guess..." I sighed, "Well Mikhael, you haven't used your vacation time in 2 years of working."

"Well... I guess... this is the perfect opportunity."

"I wanted you to be here, and I'm glad you are. Thank you." I nodded as I leaned up to kiss him.

He leaned down and kissed me back "But I am  little excited. I heard ATL got a lot of gays."

"They do..." I smiled and then I sat up, "Wait... why does that excite you? The gays?"

The cab driver looked at us again and Kel kissed me on my lips.

"Because the only gay people that I know are you and Malik's friends. This will be an learning experience and certainly an adventure for us both."

The cab driver had a look of disgust on his face. I looked up at him and shook his head.

Kel responded, "Is there a problem sir? This is my boyfriend and we are your customers right now, so I think you should wipe that dumb ass facial expression off your face because my boyfriend doesn't like it. I usually leave a hefty tip but if our kissing is bothering you that bad, please let us out here, and I'll find someone else to take us to the airport."

I smiled as the cab driver apologize and gave us a discount.

Kel kissed my lips and whispered, "Here we go, with a new chapter, you ready babe?"

"Yea, as long as I with you."

The End

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