The Move.Mature

It was a beautiful day and everything seemed right. The grass was fresh and healthy green while the flowers started to fully bloom. Kel looked amazing. His lips glistened with the sun. I'm surprise that my sinuses weren't acting up.

"Baby, what's wrong?" He mentioned, breaking my train of thought.

A car drove up next to us, playing Chris Brown's With You. 

"I'ma just come out and say it." I said.

"You're scaring me." He said, "don't break up with me."

I turned, "what did you say?"

Kel said, "Babe, what ever I did, I'll fix it. We been through too much, and I'm learning so much about myself, I don't want to..."

I smiled, "I don't want to lose you neither, but this isn't about us breaking up. This is about me moving."

Kel exhaled as he caught a breath of relief, then moments later he tensed back up.

Kel said, "did you figure out where you are going?"

I responded, "Yeah, I have it narrowed down to either Brooklyn or Atlanta."

"Atlanta?! ATL?! Atlanta, Georgia?!" 

"Yeah... my cousin is providing me a great opportunity with moving down there. "

"So what happens to us?"

"I don't want to lose you."

"Okay... I don't wanna lose you neither Dee, but this is a major decision."

"I know."

"We went through all this shit, in the past, just for you to leave and go off to Atlanta?!?"

I started to get emotional. "Babe, this isn't easy."

"What happens to us, Demetreus?"

"Well, I was thinking... "

Kel started to get mad.

I continued, "You have vacation time that you never use, can you take 2 week vacation and come down with me."

Kel looked away as he was trying to collect his thoughts. He faced me again and said, "you want me to come?!"

I nodded, "yes, I do."

"I gotta think about this."

"I know... I got the idea, when your boss kept pushing for you to take your paid vacation days. And it would be nice; To get out of both Philly and Brooklyn."

"You've been about this... this is what has you occupied..."


I walked up to him and he turned his back to me. I knew he was pissed at me. When he gets mad, he just shut down, and he started to do that now. We aren't about public display of affection, but I didn't want to start crying or leave him pissed so I walked up behind him.

I wrapped my hands around his mid-section and rested my head on his right shoulder.

I whispered in his ear, "Its nothing permanent. Before I made a decision, I wanted you to help me make it. And if you come down, and don't think its best, I'll come back up. But I really don't want to pass this opportunity up. Baby, please come down with me."

The End

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