The Way I AmMature

My parents drove Kel and I crazy all morning. My mother just kept asking questions and my dad kept doing what he wanted to do and not listen to me. My parents could never know my true self and why I am the way I am.

My parents are very strong people that are deeply into the teachings of Jesus Christ. But so am I, we just feel slightly different about a couple of topics. They believe homosexuals are abominations while I believe Jesus Christ love his children, gay or straight. Human beings were born into sin, and no matter what we do, we will be in sin. Gay, in lust, or anything like that is a sin. I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ but I believe if two men truly love each other, and put Jesus Christ first in their lives, they are not doing against God. But if a person takes the art of love, taints it, destroys it, twists it, lust in it, then that is when it is wrong.

My baby, Mikhael believes that God loves all his children. He believes in the bible and all of its teachings as do I. He also believes Jesus died on the cross for our sins, which I do also. 

Hopefully I make sense... but back to the story:


Mikhael pulled up behind me as I parked out front of Latoya. 

Kel grabbed Jaiden and I accompanied him to Latoya's apartment. She opened the door and we walked inside. Jaiden sat on the couch and all I could do is think about my decision about possibly moving to Atlanta.

Kel shook hands with Rob, Latoya's boyfriend and they walked over to the television, where some football game was on.

I walked into the kitchen with Latoya.

"So have you asked him yet?" She asked me as she reached in her refridgerator.

I responded, "Actually no... my parents stopped by this morning and have officially irked me for the day. They were so confused why Kel was over. If they had their way, I would never be allowed to leave the house. I wish I was as wild as they were when they were little. I don't do shit compared to what they used to do. My mom had me when she was 20."

Latoya laughed, "You know your parents are extremely over protected, but have you told them that you're moving?"

"I'm not sure if I'm leaving... yet?"

"What do you mean?!"

"I don't want to leave my boyfriend, his son and my two best friends behind."

"You have to do you! We will always be here! But you need to be successful! And right now, you may have a job security down there and a better and non-sheltered life down there."

She passed the chips to me and continued, "Now, go talk to him..." 

I looked down in disbelief.

Latoya walked out into the living room and called Kel's name. I sharply turned. She grabbed my hand and then grabbed Kel's hand. He seemed confused. She pushed us outside of her front door. 

"Demetreus needs to talk to you about something very important. Go ahead Dee..."

She smiled and closed her door. I looked at Kel whom was very confused.

"Bay, can we take a walk..."

Kel got defensive and said, "is  everything okay?"


The End

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