Ma 'n' Pops JointMature

I woke up to a text message from my parents. I only had a few boxes left in my apartment and I knew I could take them over to the storage unit myself. I text my parents that I will see them for lunch and that I didn't need any help with moving the last few items over. I sat up and watched the two most gorgeous people sleep peacefully. I slowly yet gently removed the sheets from my body and walked into the bathroom. 

I took a shower and got dressed. I walked out of my bathroom to see Mikhael and Jaiden still asleep. I walked into the kitchen, texting Latoya and Andi, trying to find out what they are doing for the day.

This warm and confident feeling breezed against my skin as I realized today I am a official graduate of Temple University of Philadelphia! I am ready to help people and strive for social justice! 

I glanced over to the window as the warm breeze pressed my wind chimes. I grabbed the three eggs I left in my fridge, and realized that I packed all my cooking equipment away. The door to my bedroom opened and Jaiden ran over to me.

"Good Morning Diggy!"

"Good morning Jai!"

"What ya doing"

"I'm gonna go get you and your daddy some breakfast."

"I wanna come!"

"Okay, well go wash your face and brush your teeth but don't wake up your dad. It'll be a surprise!"

"Yay!" He said as he tipped-toed back into my bedroom. I continued to respond to the texts of my friends. Moments later, Jaiden came out ready to go. I wrote Mikhael a note, so if he wakes up, he knows where Jaiden and I went.

I slipped his shoes on, picked him up and left.

25 minutes later:

I opened the door to my apartment with three bags of breakfast in my hand, from the Mama and Pops breakfast joint a couple of blocks away. 

Jaiden ran in and I was a little startled to what I walked in.

"Mom?! Dad?!" I said as I came in.

"Hi Meech!" My dad said as he carried a box passed me. 

I turned to my mom.

"Why are you guys here?" 

"We came to help you move out."

"But I told you I was fine and that I had it covered."

"Oh, we were already on our way down here, and didn't want to waste a trip."

I shook my head in disbelief.

My mom walked over to my bedroom and pointed.

"And who is that? I don't see another room in here?"

Mikhael walked out of the bedroom.

Mikhael said assertively, "I told her, me and my son slept on the couch last night, because my reservations at the hotel were cancelled and I didn't have a place to sleep." 

She shot Kel a side eye. 

"Well, I got you and your son some breakfast before we started moving, but I guess my dad, has eliminated that option."

The End

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