Philly's Wonderland.Mature

I barely opened my eyes to see the alarm clock blinking 2:12am. I was knocked out in a deep sleep when I felt Mikhael rubbing on my booty. I slid my hand down from underneath the pillow, in between my legs, to realize that Mikhael removed my boxer briefs. I noticed when Kel has a lot of his mind, he sometimes has a desire to have sex while he's asleep. I guess tonight was one of those nights.

I shifted my body to face his, and I realized that he was fully asleep as he rubbed my thighs. I gently pressed my lips on his, and slid my tongue in his mouth. He responded nicely as his hands started to explore my body's wonderland. I slid my right hand down below his belt and slowly wrapped my fingers around him. His body jolted as my warm hands brushed against him.

His eyes slowly opened.

"Good Morning, Mr. Brooklyn." I whispered as I took a breath from kissing him.

"Hello, my beautiful Diggy. Mr. Philadelphia."

I move my fingers in sync, in a up and down motion and Mikhael started to smile.

Kel licked his lips and said, "Damn, was I trying to sleep fuck you, again?"

I took a breath, and kissed him again. I took another breath and said, "Yes, but now you got me in the mood. So can you finish what you started?"

"Damn straight! I'ma fuck you right tonight."


Kel interrupted me as he slid his finger over my mouth; hushing me. He slid his finger in my mouth and I gently kissed it. I reached my hand over to my Blackberry Bold, and hit my sexy playlist. "Don't Judge" by Trey Songz played and Kel leaned down. He started to suck my neck. He fluttered his tongue sending vibrations and chills down my neck, causing my eyes to roll.

"I love Dominicans..." I moaned.

Kel smiled as he wrapped his tongue around my nipples cause my body to reach a climax of heat. It was a wonderful feeling. He turned me over, pinned me onto the bed and rubbed my cheeks together. He grabbed my head, and yanked it back. He started to kiss me in the middle of my neck, hitting my spots as my eyes rolled back.

"Baby, where is the lube?" Kel whispered in my ear.

His vibrations were sending me chills as I was preparing for him to penetrate my castle walls, I pointed into a general direction of where I thought the lubrication might be.

Kel slapped me on my booty and he watched the jiggle bounce back and forth. Kel leaned over and kissed me again. He paused my music and thought he heard sounds from the living room.

"Bay?" He said to me, licking his lips. I turned around.

"Yeah, baby?"

"I hear noises coming the living room, I'm going to check on Jaiden."

Kel tossed on his sweat pants and walked out of the room.

Moments later, he knocked on the door and said:

"Baby, Jaiden had a nightmare, can he sleep with us?"

I tossed on clothes and opened my door. Jaiden and Kel laid in my bed.

Even though me and Kel couldn't finish our sexcapade, it was worth my last experience in this apartment.

The End

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