Beddy-Bop TimeMature

Saturday, May 5, 2012- 10:32pm

Dee opened his door to his apartment. Mikhael and Jaiden quickly followed. They walked into an empty apartment with very little furniture left in it: as tonight was his last night in his apartment. Jaiden ran into Dee's bedroom and grabbed his blanket.

"Where are you little man?" Mikhael said as Jaiden ran into my bedroom.

We could hear Jaiden in my closet. I turned to Mikhael and kissed him on his lips.

Mikhael released, "What was that for, baby?"

I replied, "For meeting my family today. You didn't have too but you did."

"Well, I couldn't be selfish."

Jaiden ran to the couch and jumped on it.

"Daddy? Diggy? TB?" He yelled.

I turned to Jaiden, "We packed the TV away."

Mikhael turned to me," You still got your portable DVD player? I got his Diego dvd in here some where."

I walked into my bedroom and went into one of my boxes. I pulled out the portable dvd player and the Diego dvds. I went back into my empty living room and gave him the player.

"Thank you Diggy! Thanks Daddy."

Mikhael said, "Me and Diggy are going to go in his room. After one episode, I'ma come in here, and its beddy-bop time."

"Okay daddy." Jaiden said as he pushed play. I turned off the light and locked my front door. I grabbed Mikhael's hand and led him into my bedroom. My mattress was laying on the floor, as everything was either in storage or packed up.

Mikhael took off his shirt and laid in my bed with me. We've been dating for sometime, and my graduation has made it a little tough lately. Just because I might be moving soon, and I don't know where I want to go. My cousin offered me, a chance to move down to Atlanta, Georgia with her. I really love the offer, but I don't want to leave Mikhael, Jaiden, Latoya and Andi.

Over the last couple of years, they have become my family away from home. I haven't figured out what I'm doing, but Mikhael knows there is something wrong with me, because he knows me well.

It feels too good to lay in his arms, I don't know if I can leave him, especially because we are still making good progress.

"Baby?!" Mikhael turned over and looked at me.

"Yes?" I said, breaking my train of thought.

"Are you thinking? Cause you been real focused just now." He chuckled.

"Yeah, I was... I gotta make a decision."

"Hmmmm, yes the big decision." Kel sat up and walk towards the door. "I'm going to put Jaiden to sleep and then can we talk about this over breakfast tomorrow."

He said as he left the room.

I went back to thinking: I don't want to lose him.

Moments later, Kel walked back into the room and slid off his jeans. I kissed him as he wrapped his hands around me and we fell asleep.

The End

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