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Saturday, May 5, 2012: 12:28pm

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Dee"

Demetreus searched through the crowd for his family and everybody.

His mom and dad walked up to him and hugged him and took pictures. He hugged his great grandmom walked up to him. 

"I'm so proud of you Meech," she said to Demetreus. He lightly kissed her cheek.

"I love you."

Dee looked around. His dad walked up to him and gave him a hug. "I'm proud of you son."

"Thanks dad..."

His mom gave him a hug and then said, "Okay, what's the plan? Do you want us to take you to the place or..."

"Um... why don't you guys just meet me there... I'm going to bring a couple of my fraternity brothers, and my best friends, and their families."

His great grandmom hugged him as Dee's little sister walked her to the car.

All of a sudden, "BLUUU PHIII!!!"

Demetreus yelled back "YOOOU KNOWW!!"

Demetreus' line brother, Lloyd and the rest of his fraternity brothers including Malik ran over.

Dee hugged them and then introduced them to his family.

"Parents... Sigmas..." Dee pointed, " Sigmas... Parents!"

The Sigmas greeted his parents as Latoya ran up. Dee introduced Latoya and Andi to his family as they did their families and they were arranging who was going with what, so they can drive and not leave anybody behind. Dee felt a tug on his gown and when he looked down, he saw Jaiden.

"Hey Diggy!" Jaiden smiled as Dee picked him up.

"Where is your daddy?!" Dee whispered to him.

His dad walked up to Dee.

"Who's child is that?" Dee's dad said.

"My friend's. He's right there as he pointed to Mikhael walking up.

Mikhael was wearing his fraternity's greek paraphernalia;

He hugged Dee in front of his father.

"I'm proud of you."

Dee looked at Mikhael and introduced him to his father.

"Dad, this is my friend, Mikhael and his son, Jaiden Johnson."

Dee's dad firmly shook Mikhael's hands and said, "Are you coming to eat with us?"

Mikhael politely declined. Demetreus turned, "Why aren't you coming?"

"I was going to connect with some of my fraternity brothers on this campus..."

Dee excused his dad and passed Jaiden to Latoya. He pulled Mikhael to the side.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not going to lie to your parent's face by going to eat with you."

"Mikhael, I want you there... everyone is going."

"I don't think it would be right."

"I have been very fair to you, I don't ask for anything, but I am asking for this. I want my boyfriend to be there at one of my happiest moments. I never had all my family, my chapter brothers, my favorite sorors (sorority sisters), and my best friends together in one room. I want the two important people in my life to be there..."

Mikhael looked down in disbelief.

Dee continued, "Fine... don't come."

Mikhael grabbed his hand as he stormed off.

Dee snatched his hand away, "It's always about you and your comfort level. I've been okay with that, but we've been dating a couple of months now, and I just wanted you here with me, and you can't even do that. 

Mikhael smiled and said. "You cannot be mad at me... I'll just chalk this one. Come on..."

Mikhael let go of his hand and walked towards the rest.

The End

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