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Brooklyn Meetz Atlanta is the Brooklyn Boy 4. This story reflects on a more romantic side of Mikhael and Demetreus' relationship as it continues its twists, turns and explosions. After Demetreus graduates college, Demetreus' cousin invites him to visit Atlanta, Georgia. Demetreus brings Kel with him, and runs into a ton of unexpected experiences. Will their relationship remain strong or will Demetreus return to Philly alone? This is how Brooklyn met the ATL...


He took his time as he walked through the campus of Temple University, one more time. Tomorrow was the big day and he wasn't sure that he was ready to leave yet. This place has been his home for 4+ years and he has really became accustomed to the environment. But it was time for him to move on, leave his home and become the professional that he has been searching for his entire college career. It was finally time to take all his lessons learned, experiences, memories and put them to good use; as he was now entering the real world. And the real world is not a friendly place, that you can "find" yourself or take your time on a deadline.

This was his final walk. He inhaled the city's air and accepted his challenge. Tomorrow is graduation day. Tomorrow he has obtain his goal, to be a social worker. Today, he is a student but tomorrow is his first day of being an professional.

This walk, he took alone, leaving his friends, his boyfriend and the drama behind him. Tomorrow will be a brand new day. 


 May 5, 2012, 8:32am

Demetreus "Diggy" Sharpp walked into the room with his best friends, Latoya and Andrea "Andi".

Latoya exhaled, "The moment is here!"

Andi replied, "I know!"

Demetreus smiled, "We are finally done!"

Latoya confidently paraded, "I'm excited to start my new life!"

Demetreus agreed, "I loved college life... dreading this real world shit."

Andi walked over to Latoya, "Eh, I'm kinda in the middle."

Andi zipped up Latoya's gown as Latoya zipped up Demetreus'. 

Demetreus looked down at his phone and saw his parents calling.

"Damn... the parents!"

Latoya smiled at everyone as they grabbed their belongings and headed towards the door. Demetreus zipped up Andi's gown.

Andi exhaled, "Are we all ready!"

Latoya inhaled, "Yessss!!!"

Demetreus turned and he wiped his tears and said, "I love you girls! I wouldn't have made it this far without you!"

Latoya commanded, "No! He didn't start with the water works! Please, you're gonna set off the whole crew! We will see each other again."

Demetreus smiled as Latoya wiped his tears.

Latoya turned to everyone, and said, "We made it! We should be proud and all the tears shed today will be focused on us, meeting our goals and becoming the professionals we wanted to become, our freshman year."

Andi lead the way and proceeded outside.

Rob, Latoya's boyfriend and Keith, Andi's boyfriend were waiting for them outside of Latoya's apartment with bouquets of roses. Demetreus looked around but no one was around.

Demetreus looked down at his phone. Three days before he got into a minor argument with Mikhael and haven't spoken to him since, but he thought he would still be there, and he wasn't.

Rob pulled his 2010 Nissan Altima out of the parking lot and picked up Keith and the graduates.

The End

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