The Baltimore Boy Vs The Brooklyn BoyMature

I opened the door and looked out on the patio. Diggy was still beautiful yet highly emotional as he cried out loud.

I have been holding on to these emotions for about two years. I craved those lips and I feel so much better now. He looked beautiful but he just isn't the complete package. He is close to it. I hopefully I found it with Lucia.

I wiped my face and it started to become flush with pain. 

I waited for a few minutes and I walked down stairs. I opened the door to dance floor and ran into Malik.

Malik's face look like he saw a ghost.

He muttered, "the fuck?! What are you doing here?"

"I needed to talk to Diggy."

"Oh... I just needed to get some air."

"Fuck, don't lie. You fucking him? You're my best..."

"Can you stop? We haven't been best brothers in a while. I didn't fuck up your relationships with Diggy, Dewayne and Keisha. You did. You haven't..."

"Clearly yo ass has been drinking! Yo, watch your fucking tone with me."

"Naw, you haven't shown me any respect as of late. And yes, I am under the influence. You don't listen to me when I'm sober.

"Niggah, I made you my grooms man."

"I should have been your best man. I have always been your right hand man and now you have someone to blame for all your problems. Fuck you."

I slammed Malik against the wall. Diggy opened the door from upstairs and flew down the stairs.

Malik overpowered my body strength and slammed me against the opposite wall.

Malik yelled at me as I realized he has been drinking heavily, "you treat me like shit!! Why!!! I don't deserve any of this!!! I was there for everything!!! Before you were gay, when you were in the lifestyle. For your marriage with Lucia but you don't give a fuck!!"

I punched Malik in his face and he hit me back quick. 

"Yoo yo yo!!" Diggy yelled.

It was too late. I punched him again in his face busting his lip. He grabbed me by shirt and lifted me off the wall. I have never been lifted off the ground like this. Malik is all body mass and he slammed me against the wall. I felt every stone and particles from the stone stairwell mash into my back.

Diggy grabbed Malik from around the waist and tried to pull him off of me. Diggy's strength is no match for Malik's.

I saw so much pain in Malik's eyes. I started to flail my legs and I kicked him in his chest. I hit the ground and tried to catch my breath as he stumbled back. Diggy sidestepped Malik. 

I punch Malik in his stomach as he took it. He just "ate" my hit as if I didn't put all my might in that punch.

He punched me in my stomach as I groaned.

"You are so fucking good at washing your hands of situations and walking away. You will not leave me in pain because I won't allow you too. If you don't want me in your corner, fine, I don't wanna be any where I am not wanted."

I stood up and looked at him. 

I scoffed, "was that your big speech?"

Malik chuckled, "fuck you bro."

Malik walked away from me as Diggy tried to stop him.

Diggy turned and proclaimed, "the fuck did you do that for!?

"He hasn't..." I tried to interject.

"Shut up... Stop acting as if I don't know who you are. You can't fool me like you do Lucia, I know your shit. If you..."

I blinked and before he could finish the sentence I slapped him across his lips. 

He hit the floor and I couldn't believe I hit him. I felt the anger pulsate through my arms. I instantly regretted it. 

He stared at the ground with shocked facial expression stained on his face. The moment moved in slow motion. I didn't know what to say. But she is my wife and I love her.

The End

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