The Philly Affair.Mature

"Yeah, and yes." Diggy smiled.

"So... y'all talking?" I squinted. 

He looked up as he sensed my body language changed.

He smiled and turned his back to me.

"You just got married, sir. You should focus on your wife than my affairs."

"Ha! Your affairs are my affairs when you kissed these lips. So when did this start? How did this happen? When did this happen? Have you fucked him? You kissed him? How long have you been texting him?"

His eyes remain big as I continued to fire them off.

"Mikhael... chill the fuck out?"


"Do you hear yourself? 

"Malik, though?"

"Mikhael... I don't have to explain my actions or my plans."

"You don't. But that is my best friend."

"Maybe you should treat him like one and stop blaming him for your actions."

"Damn, look at you! Already standing up for your boyfriend."

"Damn jealous, aren't we."

"Never that! Especially of..."

"You should speak highly of him."

He looked down and text him back. It was the first time in a while that I was jealous of him. 

I muttered, "I don't approve of this..."

Diggy chuckled and cocked his head, "ha! I'll never needed your approval but it's cute that you think so..."

I smirked as he walked up to me and finished, "but you've officially closed the chapter to me. I wish you well with your marriage."

It clicked that I left her back in the hotel room. 

I smiled, "you will always be my bitch."

I started to walk away from him as he laughed out loud. 

"Currently, I am Malik's bitch. Ha!" He chuckled.

"Whoa! Too soon." I looked down and paused for a minute.

"It was nice meeting you, Demetreus."

Diggy walked over to me and kissed me on my lips. "We will always have our vanilla bean doppio espresso. But it was nice knowing you."

I opened the door and smile, "I'll leave you alone. But know I will always love you."

I saw his tears form and drop from his cheek. He lipped as his voice became hoarse. "I love you too."

I opened the door and left the patio.

I leaned against the back door and sighed out loud. 

The End

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