Two Thousand SeventeenMature

Brooklyn Boy 5 is the final installment in the Brooklyn Boy Series and touches the core of who Mikhael Johnson has became five years later. This story reflects Mikhael as a full fledged adult with all responsibilities and discontinued relationships.

Mikhael will have to face Diggy, Dewayne and previous relationships with the help of his new wife, Lucia. Will old habits kick in or will the love of his new life prevail?

Viewpoint from Mikhael, "Kel".


"Um, er... can you just come down the stairs."

She licked her finger and scrapped the crust off of his lips.

He stood there pouting as she gently whispered: "Jaiden, get your father's keys off of the dining room table."

I was glued to the hi-def flat screen. I heard her yelling but I didn't care. My team was playing, the Boston Celtics. 

"Daddy? Come on..." Jaiden, my seven year old was tugging on my swede jacket. 

I looked up and gave him a glare. He immediately shut down as he knew I loved my sports and didn't want to be bothered.

She came up behind me and slid her hands down by my chest. She rubbed my pecks as she whispered in my ear.

"Baby, we have to go. Don't you have this on DVR?"

I snared, "fine."

Jaiden passed me my car keys as she picked up our newborn, Jaisabella. She was a beautiful girl with her mother's bronze eyes and my full lips. 

I opened the front door as my family marched out to my champange colored Lexus. 

"On the road again." I hummed as I drove off.


We pulled up to my parent's place in Philadelphia. Absolutely stunning rustic house surrounding the suburbs. 

My parents, Verona and Tariq originally married almost thirty years ago, took a seven year separation. I think the time with both my sisters, Mikayla and Mikhelle out of the house, they had to focus on their relationship.

I broke my train of thought as I helped Lucia out of the car. I opened the door as Jaiden was quickly greeted by his cousins. I held the door open as my wife and our daughter walked inside.

I patted down my jacket to realized I left my phone in the lexus.

I believed the last time I spoke with you all it was 2012, and my life has drastically changed, since then. Where do I start?

Well I currently live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife, Lucia and our two kids, Jaiden and Jaisabella.

My Brooklyn squad still consists of Malik, Rachel, Tevin, Alex and Kj (Kit). And Diggy... well... I'll touch up on that too.

Let's just jump in...

The End

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