She was going to be the smartest, most beautiful, most talented person to enter Year Six. She was just ten years old, yet had the brains of a rocket scientist, and the precision of a professional archer. She was faster than anyone in her school, and stronger too.
Brooke was amazing.

But one eventful day takes her from her loving home, to a world of danger and death; a world which she was never meant to experience, yet was created to be part of.

Brooke Daniels is a huntress.

"Her tests have come back. She was successful." The authoritive, yet soft voice of the scientist filled the silent air. He was tall, and haid a full head of white hair, and prominent cheekbones under his tiny blue eyes. There were two other scientists; one short, stocky man in a scruffy white lab coat, and one tall, neat woman with a tight ponytale made from her black hair.

The woman lay her slender, pale hand on the still, lifeless body of a young girl, with shimmering blonde hair and red lips. Here stillness was elegant, yet it was unnatural. Her long, black eyelashes didn't move as the short doctor slowly slid a long, thin needle into her arm.

The tall woman walked away to snatch a clipboard from a shelf in the small, crowded room. She slid her finger slowly down the paper, and wore a calculating expression on her face.

"That's it." She said, suprise an undertone in her voice. "We're finished; she's ready..." she exclaimed. The two other scientists raised their eyebrows and shrugged. The short one pulled the needle from the girl's arm, and put it back.

Two crystal-blue eyes appeared on the girl's face, surprise flashing in her expression as she let out a breath.

The End

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