Bronzed Emeralds

Pale hands run agitatedly through tousled bronze hair once more. Edward paced furiously along the small stretch of hospital corridoor, his eyes flicking towards and away from the closed double doors faster than the human eye could follow. He felt a wave of calm brush against his mind gently, soothing his tense muscles and intense frown. He spun around furiously as he locked eyes onto Jasper’s similar golden ones. ”No.” A smile curled the lips of the normally somber vampire.

“Let me calm you Edward, you’re radiating more anxiety than the whole ward combined.”

No.” Edward bit out shortly.

Puzzlement filled the former Civil War foot soldier’s features. “Why are you so opposed to it?”

“One day he’s going to ask how I was today. What on Earth am I say supposed to say to my son? Sorry kiddo, Uncle Jasper had me on such a buzz that I was a practically a gooey mess on the floor as you were being born. Hell, I was so calm I might as well have been high on Adderall!” Edward shouted, throwing his hands up into the air.

Jasper couldn’t help it; he laughed. Edward spun around with his hands in his hair and tugged, growling sporadically. The doors opened and the Healer walked out. Madame Pomphrey smiled. “They’re ready to see you now.” Edward was instantly in the room, leaving Jasper and Poppy to chuckle quietly before following him.

Edward approached the bed silently, where his husband and mate was lying, a small bundle in his arms and a content smile on his face. “Harry.” He called quietly. Emerald eyes looked up at him and his breath caught at the sheer joy in them. He’s so beautiful, Edward thought as his golden eyes traced the younger man’s chiseled features, and he’s mine.

Harry smiled. “Come here, Daddy, he’s been waiting for you.” Edward stepped closer and arranged his arms awkwardly to allow the raven to place the blue bundle into his arms. He hesitantly drew the bundle to himself as he gazed down at the cherubic face. Edward gently traced a finger down a warm cheek in wonder, he’s so fragile, so small, watching as dark eyelashes fluttered before opening to reveal vibrant greens, Harry’s eyes. Green eyes fluttered closed again as the baby turned his head to lean into his daddy’s hand. Edward smiled softly. “Drake Pera Cullen.”

“I know everyone probably says this, but we made one good-looking baby.” Harry said with a wide grin.

Edward laughed.

The End

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